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Jan 2015
They tell you life has many paths you
just have to find yours.
If you think it doesn't have twists
and turns, then you haven't tried anything new.
There's cracks and bumps and even
people on the side who ask to walk along you.
It's all your choice to accept them or leave them.
The path to greatest is not supposed to be straight.
Every time you choose something
your current path is split in two and you move on.
You might think what if I didn't
do this would I be even different?
Thats up to you to decide.
It's not a race to finish the road.
It never was.
It's meant to have your eyes ahead and keep
on moving forward because that's life.
I know this very cliché, but I wrote
it while I was depressed during my
finals of last year in college. I thought
I was going to fail so I cheated.
Adam Kobosky
Written by
Adam Kobosky  Somewhere lost in Ohio
(Somewhere lost in Ohio)   
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