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Jan 2015
Staying awake under terrifying night skies filled with endless ways to wonder (wander?)

Drinking ****** *** and cokes until I pass out in this dive bar down the road from your house, maybe I'll become one With the stars.

I like the simple things, nature, the ocean... Well, but those are not simple things at all.

Driving through crowded city streets just to find some peace of mind and end up screaming at some guy who cut me off.

I liked the simple things in life, you, and me, us? Well... Those were Never simple things.

So tonight, I'm moving on from *** to *****. I'm praying to porcelain gods hoping I wake up to my head not spinning and my stomach trying to ****** me from within.

I'm clearly drunk again. Simple things were never my strong suite.
Written by
Brianna  28/F/Wonderland
   Devon Webb, --- and Juneau
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