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Jan 2015
she was a young girl in this cruel cold world all she ever dreamed about was diamonds and pearls, She met a man he was great just for a week then when she was comfortable he put her on the street, told her to make his money so both of em could eat, she was scared so she did it hoping he would see that a girl like her didn't belong on the street's. She was wife material she had all these big dreams, sooner or later her dreams would fade, after all those nights of being on the street
she was sick
she was tired
she was lost
she was beat.
Hurting inside but nobody could see she faked a smile but her pain ran deep, she was done with the streets she was ready to leave but he put his 40 to her face and told her if she leave he'd pull the trigger and watch her bleed....................
Marley Marie
Written by
Marley Marie  Washington dc
(Washington dc)   
       Lexi Dvorak, Creep, ---, Another Girl, Juneau and 5 others
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