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Jan 2015
Love dangles in my eyes.
Love floats in my air.
Love is my every tomorrow
and today is already gone.

I scroll through
hopeful photos.
I see yellow glows
in windows.

the lamp and the screen
grant me amity.
I started with the first stanza and the "floats in my air" line led me to start talking about a wanting love like it was the scent. That took me to "smelling" it like I was hungry, wanting love like I want food. I had a line in this poem about "going to bed hungry" and a simple sentence "A pie in the window". The idea of looking at love like a pie in the window led me to start thinking about looking out through my own window at all the other windows across the city that I can see from my desk. I turned back to my laptop and instinctively opened Facebook; another window of sorts. I realized that there are two very different senses of unity at play in this scene - a unity with other lonely souls sitting by their windows, and another different connection with social media posts from people who are already in happy relationships.
Written by
Mitch  M/Philadelphia
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