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Jan 2015
Bones crack, bruises appear
None of that matters to the voices you hear
Hair thins, muscles ache
But how many more bad days is it going to take?
Like running to the finish line and tripping on your lace
You won't be first now, but you still need to place
It isn't like you're good enough
It isn't like you're thin
But you try to toughen up
And hush the words within
Come now darling, let your flaws down
Let them flow to your shoulders and cover up your frown
So they aren't exactly pretty, they aren't quite right
But in all fairness lovely, they are why you fight
You don't punch perfection in the face and laugh
You punch your imperfections, kick them off the path
It won't work, it's an illusion can you truly not see?
Those little quirks, they come back because they're who you're meant to be
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