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Jan 2015
They say how can you feel utterly alone, What they don't see is they just made you feel this way. You ask may I join you on your adventures today as you awoke full of life and energy, They found every reason why you should not be part of their adventure. Instead of watching them trying to catch their breath filled with lies and excuses. Why cant they just say no not today. Can they not see that through the darkness you reached, But instead of feeling the warmth of their light, You felt the jolt singe your skin, You back away when you were able to peer into their heart. That fire burning was not the warmth of light welcoming in it was meant to push you away. They set the pace with whispers, thinking you did not hear, the look in both their eyes reveals their truths of both their hearts. One day you will feel what you did , said, and how you treated others will come back at you and say " hey remember me?" Now it's your turn to feel how you hurt others and their pain inflicted by your mind and actions. Do you think you will be able to withstand their pain or will their hurt and loneliness consume you. Yes laugh now and go ahead and think that you gained between two hearts blackened with your malice, but one day it will be back to visit you when you sip from the truth filled inside the chalice . © cherry rose
be careful your actions speak loud and clear , the vibrations you send out will find their way back to the source . In the end you too will be singed with your own betrayal  of your own actions
cherry rose
Written by
cherry rose  Wandering Gypsy
(Wandering Gypsy)   
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