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Jan 2015
The robbers who kidnapped Brian Allan

Brian Allan went around the town thinking no one wanted to do harm to him till, once when he was walking around the car yards and there was a few oddballs hanging around, and Brian Allan was being a brat, who tested the patience of these robbers, when basically all the robbers wanted to do is do the job, but Brian Allan got in their way, trying to ask for directions, and eventually, the rough bearded one put his hand around Brian Allan's mouth and brought him close to the car and got the rope from his boot and tied Brian Allan up and through him in the boot, yes the robbers went about to pull off this job, but Brian Allan didn't know that these robbers were thinking of demanding a ransom as a replacement for Brian, Brian was saying through his gag, don't get me, I ain't like these family people, I want to be with you, and of course the robbers didn't hear that.
The car drove off down the road after the robbers did the job and as they were leaving a kid who was Brian's age which was 15 was taking his time crossing the road, and the robbers got out of the car, and they put their hands across hs mouth and said who are you, and are you a friend of Brian Allan and he said I am Peter Buchanan and yes I do know him, and straight away the robbers thought, it would be cool to keep Peter and Brian ******* in the boot untill they finish the jobs they have to do, and Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan were trying to scream but the gags were on their mouths too tightly, and both boys thought they were going to die, both were thinking that they are too young to die and despite them not being heard, one robber said that you 2 boys are helping us rob places, you see they won't shoot us knowing we have teenage boys in the boot, so we will be long gone before you 2 will escape, and I don't want you 2 to be vonerable, because you 2 aren't, you see both Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan are like us, man, yes you 2 aren't like the rest, so while all the other kids, much with all the happy families, you 2 will be trapped in your rooms, and yes, I will have someone watch both of you, do don't try any funny stuff, teenagers.
The last job was pulled and despite the robbers promising to let Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan go, they just didn't trust then so he tied them to a pole and then said, if anyone comes to rescue you, and ask you anything, just say, nothing, and that man over there, he is part of our gang, and of you kids try anything like reporting or charging us, we will have both you teenagers killed in 4 weeks from the day you do it.
Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan were rescued and they kept their word, but they told that the attackers moved so quickly, and they put a bag over our faces when they grabbed us, and Brian Allan said, that he was feeling to dizzy to notice who did this, and both of them were sent back to their houses, and the poiice never bothered them while their kidnappers ended up going on a trip around the world and now that Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan were 40, the robbers were holidaying over in England, where they needed more money and wanted to abduct prince Harry, but he was too much protected, and it might not have been as easy as pulling one over on Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan, and now that they are old, no one would believe them anyway, and this case went unsliced and Brian Allan and Peter Buchanan were the only adults who didn't get robbed, all because they kept the robbers secret, but they still feel like they've been kidnapped by demons, and the robbers are teasing them over and over again, for that.
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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