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Jan 2015
I want to look up at the stars in wonder again,
To gaze up at those markers of other worlds
And for once not notice the Earth spinning beneath me.
To compose songs based on their rhythmic twinklings.
I want to imagine constellations,
Write great ballads to their heroes
and odes to their determination to shine surrounded by inky velvet.
I want to paint their brightness and endless possibility for stories
On the canvas of my chest
And carry them with me even in the day.
I will always have a clear sky in my heart
so that I will never be plagued
by grey clouds
and starless nights that sink into me with their lack of light.
I want to look into myself and see those points of brilliance.
I want to draw lines between what lights me up inside
and form constellations to memorize and explore.
I want this blackness of the night that resides in my mind to be broken,
Pierced by shafts of light travelling from fires in my core.
And on my cloudy nights,
I’ll use that light to paint my own stars into the sky.
Lexical Gap
Written by
Lexical Gap  canada
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