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Jan 2015
you just walked out of my front door,
and you're probably going to go back to her
and she's going to send you away like she did before,
and you're going to go to a bar
and knock back 8 shots of tequila
and think of me
and you're going dance with the girl with the pink hair and the tongue ring,
and you're going to hope that she can't see the pain in your eyes
and she's going to think you're cute in your flannel button down,
and bring you home
and when she does
that i pray you run into the bathroom
and stare at yourself in the mirror
i hope you ***** up all the lies you told
and choke on the "i love you"s that never meant what they were supposed to,
and i hope you sneak out the back door and try and find your way home
with only the light of the moon guiding you,
seeing my face in the stars.
Kate Nagle
Written by
Kate Nagle  New Jersey
(New Jersey)   
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