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Jan 2015
You call me girly.

When I wore pink,
You called me girly,
And said I was trying to be "the stereotype of femininity".
I just wanted to wear pink.

When I wore a skirt,
You called me girly.
Said I was just trying to impress boys and be slutty.

When I went out with a boy,
You called it "the death of feminism"
And when I cried,
You laughed and said "Cry, then, girly."

I- wait.
I am a girl.
If I am a girl, I must be girly.
And so you must be girly too.
Since when has being a woman been a slur?

All these angry ****** women,
Trying to make their taunts noble,
By hiding behind a noble title that they don't hold- Feminist.
They simply like to taunt, shame, bully
Other women, who don't fit into their archetype of ****** insecurity and violent jealousy.
They don't care about the sexism, that goes on daily,
Internationally, globally, yet never seems to end.
Oh no, they do not see the bigger picture.

You do not see the big picture.
It's just you against another girl,
And you trying to justify your actions
By  misusing that word,
That word you just love to misuse,

So go ahead.
Call me girly.
I'll be glad, I'll be proud.
You just called me a woman.
Written by
Beckawecka  Ireland
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