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Jan 2015
My friends,
You are not alone.
They're are people in this world who will
try everything in their power
to get you to stop fighting for what you believe.
people will tell you you can't do it, what you want to achieve.
They will beat you with there're words,
spit on you
Tell you, you're worthless and
not good enough.
But listen to me
forget them
keep their foolish words as far away from your soul as you can.
Remember what the enemy wants.
What evil people want.
Nothing good will ever come from someone who thrives off of others peoples pain.
So forget what they say you can't do!
They can't even achieve happiness.
So throw there words to the depths of the ocean.
When you have fear,
it exposes you
and takes over you
Β Β it controls you and makes you lack hope, IF key word IF you let it.
See perfect love casts out all fear and so that,
is just how we must come back up.
You can't fight negativity with negativity.
That just doesn't work.
So what then?
Fight negativity with goodness and favor.
Reach out to the people around you,
give somebody a hug,
Bless somebody with encouraging words that you haven't before,
Pray for your friends,
Give someone a friendly smile,
Let them know THAT YOU CARE.
And most of all that they're not alone.
And that is how we will achieve perfect peace.
A peace that passes understanding.
Let them know that even right now,
Even in the midst of all this devastation,
Even in the loudest shouting of your crys,
Even in the midst of your hurting when your pain brings your only comfort....
There is still a hope left uncovered.
Passion fire hope
Written by
Passion fire hope
     Whisper Yes, Lior Gavra and Timothy
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