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Jan 2015
Once again.
It's happening again.
How much more pain do we have to suffer to feel our school is safe?
How much more do we have to be played with by cruel hands who crave evil attention.
The alarms sounded today and I saw men and women and teachers scared to death... "How could this happen again?"
Walking out to the fields they directed us to go I look around and see people crying, Falling apart because what happened the first time was unbearable enough and now they choose to mock us and traumatized us by acting as if this is just some little joke? As if....we are just some little joke..
Did you not see how we came out of it last time?
Though we were in overwhelming pain we inspired NATIONS.
Though we lost friends/family we stood up couragous and strong and reminded ages 1 to a hundred what it means to BE THERE for somebody.
Did you not see enough?
We will do t again..
Watch us, as one, stand up against this hand and hand with one neither and inspire you, inspire nations ONCE AGAIN!
Watch us surround our people with prayer and love.
Watch US create a undivided encouraging, inspiring group of people who ALWAYS FIGHT BACK with goodness.
You try to create evil,
How does it taste to watch us get closer to eachother as one?
You are only making us stronger as a people and you suffer because you have only shown us what it means to be strong and be a fighter.
Because WE
That, is just what we do.
Passion fire hope
Written by
Passion fire hope
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