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Jan 2015
We kicked piles of crushed Carling cans,
Like dried-up autumn leaves
As we wondered aimlessly through
Boarded-up suburb streets;
I looked at you and you looked to me
With eyes absent of dreams.
You asked me 'is this what life is?'
And I replied 'not everything is what it seems'.

We talked between two ageing cars
'Til the streetlights came to life;
You said 'you're cold and have to go'
I said 'two plus two makes five'.
You turned away and softly smiled
With the same gaze in your eyes --
And I sat back and thought to myself
So this is what it feels like to be alive.
I wrote this piece not ten minutes ago, and I can finally feel the blockage flowing down the drain and can see the direction in which I want my writing to be. I think I've painted a little picture of Northern England for you guys; I'm sorry for getting political -- it does make a welcome change from my obsession however.
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Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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