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Jan 2015
What would you do
if I painted the sky with stars, and
coaxed the moon to stay,
just to look at it's reflection in your eyes.
If I gathered up all your broken pieces,
and spent hours patching
the hairline fractures in your mind.
If I ignored the splinters,
Because there's always collateral damage.
And if I whispered lullabies while you slept,
just to keep your demon away.
What would you do?
If I kissed your eyes when your world
got ugly.
If I sang to you, just to give you something
beautiful to hear?
If I promised on your very skin
the love my lips can't explain?
If I articulated in fingertips, and sighs.
Would you translate my love,
or just the echoes of your hearts burnt corridors.
Anniebell Lector
Written by
Anniebell Lector  Wonderland
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