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Jan 2015
He had known just from looking at me,
could tell from a glance,
and how I had taken that bill,
so pathetic
I wanted to scream, but
for some reason my hands would not
obey and my lips muttered only
Thank You.
Is this what I had become?
This empty shell sitting by a gas station
with my bag and my cigarettes.
Is this what I had become?
This girl with hollow eyes,
and an empty stomach.
I'd been fooling myself to believe I could
remain unchanged by this.
I couldn't even accept the help of a
because no where in my mind
could I grasp the concept that he wouldn't
do something to hurt me
in return.
Trust had vanished from my weary perceptions
and I, being a fool,
thought I didn't need it.
What have I become?
Anniebell Lector
Written by
Anniebell Lector  Wonderland
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