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Jan 2015
she cried for help
stood in the pouring rain
sighed and looked away
hid her face
bit her lip
frustrated, not knowing the answer
always waiting for someone to save her
she brought the blankets up to her face
but no amount of warmth from an inanimate object
could cure the loneliness she felt inside
she was broken
he called her name
held his hand out
lifted her soft chin with his finger
caressing her cheek, looking into her sad and empty eyes
trying to love her like nobody else could
but the inner turmoil that destroyed her every night
couldn't be repaired
he tried to help her
but all she wanted to do was run and hide
when she brought the gun to her lips
and pulled the trigger
he wept and wept and wept
and cried himself to sleep
until he finally realized what she wanted all along
he placed dozens of capsules onto his tongue
drinking them down
the poison tasting so heavenly
when he saw her familiar dark mane
nothing mattered anymore
just the two of them in their own world
together for eternity
all that they ever needed
nia fox
Written by
nia fox
   Kate Irons
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