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Mar 2011
I sit here in contemplation
before me arises images and dreams
particles of sublime characteristics
regimental excursions of thought and form
In this solitude I invade
like an Army on foot into unknown grounds
conquering and invading depths of cerebral sparks
Till there within that most sacred sanctuary
I draw from myself the strength and the will
opening up a new chapter of mental illustration
upon diagrams planted so many years ago
Till slowly i begin to comprehend
The Mystery of all I am
and I look with fresh sight and gain
at all that here around me flies
sudden explanations fill and engulf
to the majestic unity I come to Know
I see the Heaven's open up their treasures
little glimmering lights of wisdom combine
to establish here before me a true holistic sight
I see the mountains flowing
like a sea of many grounds
knowing the generations collide and combine
in this sea of heart and home
There before me I see my brother
I know him well, as he I
and for once in total union
we walk a silent mile.
I learn more than what words can utter
for in truth any description becomes but vain
and I see within this my Sanctuary
That I was never here alone.
Where does one come to these grounds
ever sacred, ever calling
Striving forever those confines of the human heart
and in dreams bright,we cry for more.
Tis a place where God awakens
where resides that seed of truth and hope
an eternal solitude of its Holy expressions
Our God again walks beside us, with us
Knowing us and we learn to know him
Un Sancti Spiritus
The sacred grounds
of you and me.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Alisdaire OCaoimph
Written by
Alisdaire OCaoimph
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