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Jan 2015
On the table sits
a lone candle a'glow;
all the lights turned
down low-
In the air
a sweet vanilla scent;
laying against your chest
I'm feeling completely spent-
In the darkness of the night
outside is such a wind;
but while inside with you
my heart is finally on the mend-
I have been hurt
yes, this is true;
but I'm not missing this chance
of us... being me and you-
What is this feeling...
this emotion;
whatever it is it sure is causing
my heart some commotion-
I must have
been hypnotized;
while looking deep into
your glacier blue eyes-
In your loving arms
without a doubt;
this is what real love making
is suppose to be about-
I don't know this yet...
if we are meant to be;
but next to you...
I wanna see me-
This here with you
is what my heart's been achin';
to be, to have, to see...
Baby, I Wanna Be Taken-


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Sabrina Denise Healey
Written by
Sabrina Denise Healey  47/F/Oregon
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