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Jan 2015
Invited to pick gold
Like flowers
Under burial mountains
Enlisted to pave the way
Of a rich white land
Track by track railroad Titans
Scorned off the land
Shot cut and excluded
Rebel against the worker
Yet he remains
Builds a family over generations
And prospers
Places like San Francisco
Home to sounds of Canton
Chinatowns blossom
During times of political strife
The Chinese laid down civil rights
Later to again be realized in the 60s
The Chinese fought for civil liberties
Against exclusions acts and hatred
To find a place in this new home
WWII more families allowed
Thus things began to further blossom
Painting the town you see now
Chinese Americans
Proud of history contribution and culture
Bringing art food and craft never seen
Adorn the streets for Chinese New Year
Kids excited to eat
Time to receive red envelopes
Knowing history small and large matters
Those born in America from Chinese descendants
Home is where the heart is
The Jolteon
Written by
The Jolteon
   Zay, Pradip Chattopadhyay, --- and ---
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