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Jan 2015
I lost my last little marble
My marble had gotten away

I lost the last of my marbles
My last marble is gone, I say

I lost my very last marble
I can't find my marble, no way

I lost the last precious marble
My marble could not stand to stay

'Round the corner rolls my marble
My last marble came back, today

I now have back my last marble
With one left, I should be okay
I was going crazy at work right before I wrote this. I felt like I was... well... Losing my marbles. And then I looked down and saw something glimmering on the ground. And wouldn't you know it? It was a pretty, little marble. So I put it in my pocket, and every time I'd start to feel crazy I'd grab my marble. And I knew I'd be okay.
Arlo Disarray
Written by
Arlo Disarray  In your imagination
(In your imagination)   
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