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Jan 2015
Stars above glisten bright.
With each star, a child born,
As it was on my sacred night.

I am a child of the Supreme Being Above.
Representing royalty, as each of us do.

We all start off this way;
Pure, innocent, & true.

My story, I share with others alike.
Every fairy-tale, every word, every truth
Each representing a time of life,
Lessons learned of different virtues.

I live, dream & imagine other worlds of my own,
Learn lessons along the way
Finding alternative paths back home.

We search high and low to find ourselves
Yet the answer always lies within.

If we'd only follow our hearts all along,
We'd always start right back where we begin.

Life's about recognizing the adventure in our own lives.
Following our hearts.
Living our own dreams.
Creating our own magic.

It's things like that, we need to remember.
Things like that, we need to pass on.

Teach our children, remind our elders.
Spread the love, bring peace to man.

Magic is real. It starts with you.
Find yourself however you may.

Allow your whole being to come together as one.
Let yourself show through in words.

Simple writing.
An ancient dialect.
Wise words from my Muse

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy
Written by
Gemineyed Gypsy  By the Bay
(By the Bay)   
   ---, --- and Devon Webb
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