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Jan 2015
Captured in the psych ward part 28

You see the HDU was celebrating it's
Annual celebration, you see it has been a year since Ron first opened this HDU and BJ Harrison was still stuck in solitary wondering why was he in this HDU but that was obvious of all the problems he has caused here, mind you Charlie was in the middle of helping celebrating the annual event and yes it's going to be a great barbecue lunch with heaps of salad, and Charlie had heaps of ideas of what salads that they should buy, and Ron got our of bed and had a shower and got dressed and also bought his outfit he wore for the opening and then he went to the corner where fran and dans was and because Ron was visiting grand children and he noticed that the shop has gone and he went over to the other side of the road to wonder if he is on the right corner and the man in that shop said they were busted for selling spiked food and Another thing too it, the public health inspector closed the place down and Ron asked him if he sells coffee and he said, we don't really open till 10-30 but I can give you a take away to take with you and after leaving there
Ron went to the hospital and had. coffee in the cafeteria and also had a vanilla slice  and had a chin wag with the people in there and one of the cafe workers said. Did you know it's the 1st anniversary of the HDU today
Did you know that and Ron said yeah, I remember that day like it was yesterday and we had Charlie Chaplin and I remember having two kids and those kids have just wanted to watch TV and Patty Roe who says he is George Washington, well he loves being loved and mind you all the nurses like him and also I normally go to fran and dans for coffee before hand but it ain't there no more and the lady said fran died
And dan moved to Adelaide to work in the Adelaide crows football club
Near Aami stadium and yes Ron said yeah it will be hard but people  move on and then went down to the HDU to clock on and say hi to the patients
And then say that the party is on this afternoon after the BBQ lunch and he went to solitary to visit BJ Harrison. And BJ said now buddy
Am I allowed to be a part of the party and Ron said yeah but you must behave and not annoy any of the other patients cause they see all here for their own reason and they made their own mistakes and if you do that, I might let you out for at least lunch, and BJ said ok I will promise I will harass bill once and Ron said, if you harass bill you miss lunch and then when the. Men came out to the courtyard to do the BBQ
Ron let everyone know and let BJ out but he had to be Chained to a
Officer but he will still enjoy the party, the whole thing and everyone including Ron were sitting in the courtyard and having a dip in the little pool yeah this wax a great party
And songs were sang, the songs were American pie and bohemian rhapsody and don't be cruel and also they had a punyata and BJ had the most power and got the most lollies and chocs and the BBQ had sausages and steak and skewers
And heaps of great salads like pasta and potato and coleslaw and the drinks were non alcoholic fruit punch and then the party went on till 5 pm and Charlie spiked the punch with his cough medicine which contains 5% alcohol and then Ron gave hey medications out and went home to leftovers and fall asleep in front of the box

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johnny georgy brown
   Edmund black and ---
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