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Dec 2014
Man ,
Be not a ***** to the opinions ,of the chained ,
Recreate the world ,where once love and beauty reigned.

We are knocking on the doors of an era where our generation will come to associate love, romance ,affection and similar terms exclusively with ****** attraction and the desire to be in a relationship.
If only Lord Byron knew that in the very same world which he gifted with the moving verses that no Romantic can ever hope to match, in that same world, albeit in a different and allegedly a more ‘progressive’ era, romanticism would be distorted to an end even his Bohemian ideals would not deem acceptable, then Lord Byron might have hesitated before crafting those magical lines into what they became.
Every time an all knowing , self proclaimed , relationship expert featuring on Page 3 declares that love cannot happen outside a relationship , several graves , deep down in the Lake District of England struggle to be liberated . And truth be told, we could use some liberators. For its time to break the monopoly that ****** attraction has so far exercised on words like love.

And make no mistake folks. This is not merely a question of semantics and ingenuous word play. This is about much more . This is about emotions, rhapsody and their expression. It’s time we asked ourselves several honest questions – Why should we hesitate before saying that we are in love with our friends? Why are we still slaves to unofficial yet unambiguous collective social censors who mandate the boundaries of our expression? Why should we be ashamed to admit reality for what it is and what it should be?

These are difficult questions, difficult but necessary, because the answers lie in those reaches of our heart which we are yet to explore. Go deep enough and search a man’s heart and you will find love, even in the midst of hate .Such is man’s nature. Such is our bond with truth and beauty. But of then of course, there are those, who would rather wear their perpetual masks and seek to distort their own dreams, swallow their own words and mould our world to self imposed barriers.

There are some telling traits that these people share. These people wish to present us with a two dimensional model of the universe of sorts, so as to explain our thoughts and deed. They wish to establish patterns. They wish to connect the dots. They wish to label. They wish to judge . And their wishes are woven with a common fabric of insecurity. A fabric so fragile, that they are afraid of its very existence and hence find it fit to engage in acts of self-gratification that comes at the terrible price of false felicity and illusions. I say it is time we together shattered these illusions like once ideas shattered empires.
This isn't really a poem as much as this is a response to those who have often questioned my love for certain friends and unsuccessfully tried to reduce it to mere ****** desires . This is a response to those who have never really understood what it means to be Romantic , to be in love .
Soham Chakraborty
Written by
Soham Chakraborty  18/M/Kolkata
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