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Dec 2014
this night is especially
dark and cold.
the moon's haunting glow doesn't shower me with light;
your heart is closed up tight.
i will take anything i can get from you.
**** me, cherish me, abuse me too.
whichever your mind desires,
because right now, your heart is too tired.
hold me close and let me breathe,
this is where i'm supposed to be.
stroke my arms and play with my hair,
the way things crumbled is just not fair.
comfort me and tell me it'll be alright,
even when positivity is nowhere in sight.
i've loved you long before i was this self in this body on this planet.
we met a long time ago,
our souls collided.
this is not the way it was supposed to end.
we are not destined to be just  friends.
we floated amongst the stars in the galaxies and soared from planet to planet.
i didn't know when i'd see you again, there wasn't much time to plan it.
zero gravity is where we will see our happy ending.
no earth words can be said that won't be received as condescending.
i just know,
God has set us up effortlessly.
now is not the time,
but baby you can't run,
what is meant to be will be.
Lana Leandoer
Written by
Lana Leandoer
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