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Dec 2014
We let each other in over Facebook message. It seemed so important in the moment, but some piece of me knew that once we got back to school, it would all be forgotten. We talked about things like our tiny opinions made a difference, like we had some insight into the world that others had yet to discover. How big we thought we were, how shining, how important, in that one little moment. But eventually our brains ******* our hearts and reeled them back in. Our small, insignificant hearts were no longer kites flying in the winds of change, but rather just broken pieces of people among billions of others living on a planet among others circling a star among endless amounts of others, and we finally realized that our minuscule ideas about the world would be lost in no time at all. Even we would be forgotten, and that doesn't even have the space to be sad. Sadness implies a sort of importance that we lack.
Not really a poem, just a thing I wrote
Mary Christopher
Written by
Mary Christopher  NC
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