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Dec 2014
The right words don't fall into my head exactly as
they should
They don't click into place like blocks
Or softly mesh together like puzzle pieces

They explode like diamonds
bursting from random fruits on random vines
tangled around my mind are absurd,
unexpected sharp crystals of light

why water leaves that hiss and bear their teeth?
petals wilting and blackening at the softest rain, I try
to grow past the thorns and brambles
whispering that everyone would watch me burn,
that I should hate them in return

why tend a field that never stops catching fire?
but I only want heaven surrounded by flame
a wall of embers and carnage and screaming your name
the right words don't lay themselves out in my head
horrible poison is spewed out instead
I could ask, but how could I rightly expect
anyone to cut through the seven hells I'm made of
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