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Dec 2014
And then you clasped
your hands,
your eyes staring
at me intently
with hurt, anger and sadness.
Is it that painful?
The way he torn your heart
into pieces,
the way he made you feel loved
and left you feeling dead.

The way you write those
words about him with
your cold fingers
and swollen eyes.

Is it that painful?
When he left you with
no explanations
or maybe
just a slight proof that
he loved you.

Is it really that painful?
That even being in love with
someone else
is not in your mind anymore
Is it really because of him?
That you already forgot
how to love and be loved,
that even trusting people
is so hard for you now?


It's all because you chose
to be like that?
You chose to be broken and
feel alone,
you chose to think that
you can't live without him.

It's always your choice
if you want to be miserable.
Your choice.
Written by
     ---, Traveler and ---
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