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Dec 2014
(On Moonlit Nights)

While others are busy jingle bell-ing
and Christmas tree-gazing,
i have wrapped myself, for
i am going back...
remembering anew
how it is to walk
under a star-laden Christmas sky
these tree-shrouded paths
leading to the sea...
alone and unafraid,
somehow, still hoping,
to feel your hand, holding mine...

Reliving once again
magical moments with thee,
silhouettes...of you and me.

This Christmas night...i walk
these paved shrouded paths.
i am desperately awaiting your presence,
for your body to be next to mine...
the blowing wind roars, and ends
as a soft sea breeze...
though it still stirs,
i feel a warm breath near my face...
my heart leaps.....then settles down
for, there's no one there when i turn to look...
a dream, you have become.
i see just a tall, bended shadow,
reaching down
to cover my shoulders
on this cold, cold night,
to caress my head,
cloaking me, shielding me.
this tree,
this silhouette,
will once again shelter me
on this, another moonlit night,
lonely and wasted,
for I am
without thee.

(October 13, 2013---6:09 AM)


Copyright 2013
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayann
...somebody told me once, to never stoop down to the levels of mediocrity, that love poems were a mediocre lot, to which I totally disagree....
:::if this is a mediocre write
:::then let it be
:::some moments, I wanna be
:::a mediocre, I shall once again be...
Sally A Bayan
Written by
Sally A Bayan  F/Manila, Philippines
(F/Manila, Philippines)   
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