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Dec 2014
It was beautiful
the way you hold my hand
say that everything's gonna be alright.
The way your devilishly handsome smile
makes my whole body shiver
and my cheeks blush.

It was memorable,
those unplanned visits
that made me feel
like i'm one of the people you
can't stand a day without seeing.
Those times when we're happy,
even in silence,
as long as we have each other
we're contented.

It's all too good to be true.
The moment when you said
those three words,
"I like you".
The feeling of being
cared by the person
you want to be with.
That was all to good to be true.


It was painful.
The day you said
we can't be together anymore.
It was like an avalanche
has come my way and
I can't do anything about it.

My lips started to
run out of words to say,
my eyes were like a river
that keeps on shedding tears.
My mind started to
reminisce the moments when
there were no fights nor hurt
just happiness and love.

And lastly,
my heart stopped,
like I don't have anything to
live for anymore.

That was when I was blinded by the fact
that I can't let go of you,
of the memories, and
the feelings.

But it's all over.
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