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Sep 2019 · 235
it’s 12 midnight
pm Sep 2019
we’re all alone in this room where all i see are bunch of cds lined up to be burned and name of patients that i profoundly remember.

it’s 12 midnight
and it’s your playlist i hear and your calm voice.
you play a song i have listened to when i was young- i’m not sure of it yet but good god, why do you never tremble when you speak?

it’s 12 midnight
and i adore you from this view- right in front of me with your slicked back hair and black eyeglasses that makes me want you more.
i can’t get enough of this view since i unexpectedly saw you after five years on a hazy monday inside an overcrowded room.
that’s where i found you.
that’s when i found serendipity.

it’s 12 midnight
and it’s the time when i wish some nights could stay the way they are a little bit longer because i don’t want to leave. not yet.

it’s 12 midnight
i think i’ve already asked you a million questions.

but now that it’s past 12 midnight,
i’m too afraid to ask you a million and one.

can we stay like this for quite awhile?
pm Jul 2019
1. you’re young, careless and most especially you’re still learning.
2. expect that you are going to make a lot of mistakes and growth is what makes it okay.
3. first tries and first times are the foundations that you are striving to build.
4. one step at a time, one brick at a time and there you are— not noticing that you already have the strong and resilient core inside you.
5. forgive yourself, it’s not always your fault.
6. a steady heart of confidence will get you a long way. a long way far from home where you see yourself living the sweetest childhood dream.
7. reach out to someone who understands. vent out when you feel like the world wants to crush you to its mantle and you can no longer keep the pain in your heart. don’t wait for it to tear apart while it’s only aching.
8. accept the love you think you deserve and that is self love.
read this at times when you hate yourself more than anything.
Jun 2016 · 700
You were never mine
pm Jun 2016
but I'd love you if you let me.

Flashback to the night when I have never loved anything more than thunderstorms, heavy rain, ***** white sneakers and stolen kisses in the warm month of June.

You got me thinking— maybe I was made to feel invincible when you're around. That lampposts weren't supposed to be much needed on dim streets when it's 7 pm. And that the world isn't so scary as it seems as long as I have you and the only thing that scares me is when I've realized I was caught off guard by your kind heart and fearless soul yet in the first place, I was never meant to keep the beautiful and ugly parts of you.

You got me wishing that some nights could last longer because I can never figure out if I will still get to witness downpour with you, if that was our last grasp of good-bye that the tip of our fingers never wanted to let go but we had to or we'll just keep on pretending that I was made to kiss you with art and passion everytime I have to leave and everytime I would come back.

No, you are not mine in the first place.

But for the meantime, please,
I'd love you if you let me.
Apr 2016 · 806
When I'm gone
pm Apr 2016
Please be with someone who will embrace the thorns in your body with her naked hands and bared feet.

Be with someone who will mend all your broken bones and stitch your open wounds.

Be with someone who will love the features you hate the most and find you beautiful anyway.

Be with someone whose heart is big, so big that she would choose to have it half for herself so she could give the other half to you until you learn how to love again.

Be with someone who will look at you with all the love in this world so doubtless and certain that she would never trade you for the world.

Be with someone who will not have it any other way even when you are in your lowest state and all your puzzles are left unsolved but still finds the missing pieces when all she ever was, is weary.

Be with someone who will carry you and take you home when you are drunk or sick even when all she had was a spine full of injuries.

Be with someone whose dreams are the most beautiful because she never forgets to include you in them.

Please be with someone who will do everything I've failed to do. Someone who can give you all that I never did.
Apr 2016 · 664
true romance
pm Apr 2016
it's all or nothing
will you escape this city,
run away with me?
someday im gonna ask this to the one id run away with
Feb 2016 · 724
pm Feb 2016
feels like drowning alive.
It feels like the waves are the monster eating you inside.
It feels like the deep waters are trap and you are stuck.
It feels like there is no escape and you just watch yourself die slowly.
Oct 2015 · 822
pm Oct 2015
You kiss me the way the sun sets
everytime how dark my world gets.

You draw constellations
on the freckles of my face-
ought to see the beauty in oddness.

You paint dusty blue and white
with hasty brush strokes in my lungs
as you hold me perfect enough
to make my breath smoke.

You taste like grace
when I dance to the sound of your voice.
I am the venom, we are toxins poured to dissipate.
Promise me we'll never hold back nor hesitate.
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
Ever enough
pm Jul 2015
You said my name,
   so differently this time.

You spitted the three-word lie
   I'm too naive to believe—
   "I love you"

I sat in silence waiting
   for your next line,
   that I already knew
   on the back of my mind

"But, I'm sorry"

I should be the one
  who's feeling sorry—
  acted like I can turn your frozen heart
  into a golden one

You left me a question,
   I'm searching for the answer;

If love will never be enough, then what will?
Jul 2015 · 540
our soul matches
pm Jul 2015
as i gaze into your eyes
i see the flames of the fire you've set within me
Jun 2015 · 949
pm Jun 2015
You kiss my melancholy skies away,
as I kiss your heavenly mouth to stay.

I could drown staring in your luring eyes.
You make it so ******* me for good-byes.

I'd bid all to wake up in the morning,
with you at my side with the same feeling.

I have chosen to drench myself in you
because your love's the only thing that's true.

Now that I have you, I'm never alone.
The warmth of your embraces makes me home.
Home is a person and you are my home.
Jun 2015 · 2.9k
Lost boy
pm Jun 2015
I wanted to save
  piece by piece of
  his broken bones.
sooner, I've had realized

He was a lost boy.
   I tried to find him
   but I, got lost, too.
Jun 2015 · 1.6k
Unfinished poem
pm Jun 2015
You and I are an unfinished poem.
There's so much more to say,
we could have been
the sweetest story written on crumpled papers
and heard on gratifying mouths,
but unfinished poems are;
just left unsaid and undone.
Jun 2015 · 426
How you speak your mind
pm Jun 2015
I love your mind,
   how you speak it
   with every word—
   blows me away

It's still those words;
   that will and can
   be the reason
   I bleed to death
Jun 2015 · 3.8k
pm Jun 2015
The first time my eyes laid on yours,
I knew, oh I felt, every blood
that had rushed through my veins
now I understand why it is called fate

— The End —