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joriz m Aug 16
maybe people are right
when they said
"i would look pretty
when i smile"

but for now
i am happy being ****
till the day
these perverts die
joriz m Jul 28
i don't envy the drunkard with the alcohol he has had
nor do i envy the man who had the finest of cigars in his hands

i don't envy the rich man for the money he gains
as much as i don't envy the couples living in maine.

i don't want a lover, or be sustained by money and vices
i just wish to live in happiness, with something that suffices
joriz m Jul 26
and for the moments i saw myself
in the looking glass

i saw a man

not me
but a man

a man whose face shouted anger from his own crimes
a man whose skin felt the universe from a lover's hand
a man whose eyes saw the beauty and tragedy of the man before him

a man whose soul was condemned by the man in front of him
joriz m Jul 20
at paglabas sa apat na dingding ng silid-aralan,
ang debate ukol sa karapatan
ay iba nang usapan

na kung saan hindi lamang talino at boses
ang sandata
kundi pati rin ang pagpadyak
ng dalawang kinakalyong paa
joriz m Jul 16
kulay ng galit.
kulay rin ng determinasyon.
kulay ng mga gigil sa hinanakit
ng kataasan-taasan
kulay ng mga may pasyon
sa pagbabago sa lupang tinubuan
kulay ng galit sa opresyon
sa mga mala-pasistang maylupa
kulay ng tunay na lumalaban
para sa bayan

ngunit isang hipokrasiya
para sa bansang ayaw sa pula
ay tintado ng pula
ang mga tigang na lupa at kalsada
tintado ng pula
ang dalawang watawat na sinasamba
tintado ng pula
ang ibinotong buwaya sa kongreo
tintado ng pula
ang pag-urong natin sa progreso
joriz m Jul 15
sa oras na sa kasiyahan ay gipit
hahawakan ang pluma
na ang kapit
ay mas mahigpit sa bigti
joriz m May 6
and in our journey,
we found desert ruins
and we claimed it as our own

with laws that only served us,
time that was only mere fiction,
and happiness that was not in scarcity,
we were rulers.

"as your patriarch,
i see no reason for me
to not serve thee,
my love."
i exhale
as if as a king
i were to long live

yet as thou took it,
i slowly fade away from thee
and with it i no longer live
not a spiritual death was of this nature
but an emotional one

for i yearned for your flowers
and thou gave me your thorns

but i am a man of my word
and to thee i say,
"ye shall love thee,
till thy kingdom come."
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