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578 · Sep 2020
I don't
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Need postcards with your poems,
and you can keep the chocolate for yourself.
I just want to read books and live in silence
504 · Jun 2020
Best friend
456 · Sep 2020
When I'm Gone
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
When I get to the end of my journey
And I walk my last tired mile
Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned
And just remember the smile

Forget unkind words I spoke
Remember some things I did
Forget I've ever been sad
And remember I had lots of fun

Forget that I stumbled and chatted
And sometimes case
Remember I had some hard fights
And won, before the end of the day

Then forget to grieve that I'm going
I would not want to make you sad one day
But in the summer only collect flowers
And remember the place where I lay

And come in the shadow of the evening
When the sun paints the air in the west
Stand next to me for a few moments
And just remember my best.
351 · Oct 2020
Open book
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Nothing new if you close
even the only open book
so that I can read what is on your mind
you're doing
your attitude
because there is nothing new
it has also been closed for a long time
the door, the book
and any other representation
that we have..
273 · May 2020
Pyaar kya hai ?
Paras Sharma May 2020
pyaar ek bandhan banana hota hai,
aap iss aage nahi ja sakte,
hamesha woh aapko vichalit karte rahte hai,
aur hamesha aapke saath baatein karte rahte hai.

pyaar karne ke liye khushi aur dukh uske saajha karna hota hai
hamesha uske pagalapan mein shaamil hona padhta hai
hamesha use garv ke saath muskuraane ka ek kaaran dena hota hai
aur jab bhi aapko uske taraf se aapka zaroorat **, uske saath dena hota hai

pyaar karne ke liye ek saath ghar banana hota
hamesha ke liye jeevan banane aur jeene ke liye,
uske mijaaj ko dekhane aur sambhalane hote hai
aur chhote-chhote kaam karke use khaas mahasoos karna hota hai

pyaar karna hai saajha karna aur dekhbhaal karni hoti hai
hamesha usko mahasoos karne ke liye  vishwas hona chahiye
uske sabhi sapnon ko poora karne ke liye,
aur hamesha "I love you" kahein.
ye hota hai pyaar♥️
253 · May 2020
Paras Sharma May 2020
Main pyaar karta hu tumhe,
Mujhe pal pal khushiyon as rubaroo karane ke liye.
Meri zindagi me kuch haseen pal jodne ke liye,
Mujhe khud ka humdard banane ke liye.

Main pyaar karta hu tumhe.
Mere gum me apna kandha dene ke liye,
Mere zakhmon ko marham lagane ke liye.

Main pyaar karta hu tumhe.
Meri raaton ko apni subah se milane ke liye,
Meri shaam me bas jaane ke liye.
Mera haath pakad kar woh lambi doori tay karne ke liye.
Meri raahon ko manzil se milane ke liye.
Main pyaar karta hu tumhe,
Mujhe khud se milane ke liye.
243 · Aug 2020
Power of positivity
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
The power of positive thinking is positively perfect,
When things start to succeed and everything is successful ,
When you have belief and you believe it will happen ,
And you’re sure it surely will!
242 · May 2020
Tum ho ♥️
Paras Sharma May 2020
Surya mera hai,
lekin chamak tum **,
Cake mera hai,
lekin cream tum **.

bandook meri hai,
lekin goli tum **,
coffee meri hai,
lekin cappuccino tum **.

kalam meri hai,
lekin syahee, tum **,
Safalta meri hai,
lekin wajah tum **.

chocolate meri hai,
lekin mithaas tum **,
hansi meri hai,
lekin wajha tum **,
#life #writing #mood #support #thankyou
234 · Jul 2020
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
Me, flower.
Because I'm flower,
which will grow in the middle of a bush.
Despite being stung by the heat and arid desert,
will not hesitate
tuk again
and back,
206 · Jun 2020
Paras Sharma Jun 2020
What you just said
the way you said yes
that silent comma pontifically
the past suddenly nears again
your grief now bilaterally
I finished it off with "never mind,"
"it's not that important"
the turnips were really cooked then and I said don't you see I'm trying to be there for you
my shoulder is yours
for expressing all your pain
and i will always love you
no matter what you just said .
Sometimes what is not said drowns out,
the discussion that only serves as a support
of an unworded conversation.
191 · Mar 2020
Fark penda aa
Paras Sharma Mar 2020
Fark penda aa jina pyar Mai ohnu krda oh bi ohna pyar mainu kra Fark penda aa,raat nu uth uth aus layi Socha oh bi Mera layi raat nu uth uth soche Fark penda aa.
190 · Aug 2020
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
Do I like you?

I now know where to stand
To get the truth I always fand

Sometimes I run
Because with you is no fun

I was told love was beautiful
Sincerely, with you everywhere is blank

The clock is ticking
I can't remain thinking

Do i like you?
I don't get you...

The answer is NO.
Sometimes you feel indebted to stay by someone's side even when your heart aches. If he or she truly love you...
He or she got to let you go.
181 · Sep 2020
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Tum jante ** mujhe jeena nahi aata tumhare bina
door rehna nahi aata tumhara bina ,
jeena ke lia umar bhar tera sath chahta hoon
mujhe akela rehna nahi aata
** jyea agr meri toh zindagi se kuch or mujhe lena nahi chahta ..
tum jante ** mujhe jeena nahi aata tumhare bina .
180 · Jul 2020
My Beauitful love
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
Your touch makes my heart
Smile bright every day
So soft and warm
Like the bright sun
When a warm Summer's​ day

Your soft beautiful gentle
Is forever in my ears
And calming all my fears

Her arms wrapped around me
Keeping me warm and safe
She loves me every day

For all the happiness
And joy you brought to my life
I can never forget​ you
My beautiful love..
So Beautiful ..
178 · Oct 2020
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
What a blow, so fast
don't get everything
you always had it fast.

Duster, Left Counter, Right Caller, Bottom Overfeller and Dramatic Narrator

It feels like a thousand blows to your face
suffer loss of vision and
can no longer see
what it could have been, maybe.
159 · Jul 2020
Dreaming About You
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
I'm dreaming about you again
My beautiful sweetheart
But I can't get you out of my head
When I close my eyes
I still see your beautiful face
Smiling at me falling in love with me
You take my breath away
Every day,
You come into my dreams
Every night,
And all my dreams come true

This is true love sweetheart,

Because I truly love you..
150 · Jul 2020
My Answer
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
You once asked me that time,
"She said she didn't want to hurt but why did he leave a wound?"

Because sometimes words are not always in line with expectations and the future.

That is my answer.

Which I have not had time to answer that time.

Cruel? Indeed
Evil? Yes
That is me .
That's me in your eyes "always".
I can do it in your eyes, I always do.Without ever knowing my point of view and reason
I'm just trying to be realistic with the reality and about the future picture
That is all
149 · Jan 29
Paras Sharma Jan 29
शौक़ होते है हर उम्र में जुदा
खिलौने, माशूक़,एतवार और आख़िर में ख़ुदा..
140 · Oct 2020
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Sometimes the value of a word
location in the 'say it forth',
the packaging is more valuable
then the wrapped and the roller
better highlighted
than the paint itself.

I hand out and catch them.
You can clap if I fall.
I long and long them
and that is the worth most of all.
128 · Sep 2020
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Love, a useless playing card
which alone, is redeemable
in separation,

and there it blooms, and there it ascends
in nightmares, in abrasions,
like a train, always in front ..

The mornings..
121 · Sep 2020
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
I still carry the hope of dawn on my side
I have the broad desire to de-wax completely until I reveal the delicacies that
make me look fragile
they give me life and they give me value
to live boldly ..
118 · May 2020
Paras Sharma May 2020
Zindagi hai woh meri ,
kya woh mujhe apani zindagi maanti hai .

mein uske khushi or gum mein sath hu,
kya woh Meri khushi or dum mein sath hai .

Mai har kadam milauu us se,
Kya woh sath chalne  ko tyar hai .

Mai bhru rang uski har mehfil mein,
Kya woh khilne ko tyar hai .

Mera bas ** to har pal jiyu uske sath,
Kya woh meri chahat ko kboolne ko tyar hai .
#mood #life #pyar
115 · Jan 1
Paras Sharma Jan 1
तुमसे दूरी होने के... उपरान्त जब भी अगर...
मैं कुछ अनुभव करता हूँ... तो वो केवल तुम हो.
115 · Jun 2020
Paras Sharma Jun 2020
At your beauty I am always fascinated There is nothing more to my delight when I see you or my darling
You are not me, but you are my eyesight
You are my vitamin that brings clarity to my eye...
106 · Oct 2020
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Cradled you high above,
Desiring to live with me,
While my heart has long been shattered in the cage of the soul.
I myself live without it,
What can I offer?
I have a smile,
I have love,
But I have nothing you want.
105 · Jul 2020
Without words
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
There is beautiful silence behind the words.
No need to write right away,
Words look into my bright eyes deeply
Nd my eyes will tell whole story completely secretely ...
There’s a beauty in words.
They might be not crystal clear,
But you can feel it.
It didn’t need audience,
It is just want to share a story..
104 · Sep 2020
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
One appreciates it on its own
Not as an act of duty...
Nature sees to it
That an eye always looks for beauty...
You cannot create it you cannot fake...
Beauty is best when it has a natural make....
I'll repeat same you ask me once or twice...
Beauty is what all seek whatever be the price...
One may happen to have qualities galore...
A pretty face is what one wanna c more and more...
History tells that beauty has drawn swords..
I have tried to explain the same through my words....
102 · Mar 2020
Paras Sharma Mar 2020
Vaada tha ek umar sath nibhane ka,
Vaada tha hath main hath dal ke har mushkil paar karne ka,
Vaada tha hasne aur rone lekin alag na hone ka,
Lekin vaado ko jala ke rakh kar gayi,
Khushi wale dino ko barbad kar gayi,
Kehti tujhe mujhse acha mil jayegi,
Jate jate Alvida keh gayi.
100 · Jul 2020
Do not know
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
Am I crazy?
I can no longer deny it
obvious in the smiling faces
in the curve of the lip does not seem to sing
on the speed and strength of the heartbeat
of a person in love.
I have memorized this feeling,
in such writings I write
and your name runs through my mind.
99 · Jul 2020
Morning 🌞
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
Morning bring joy, newness,new aspirations,much love.. Morning are meant to be perfect.. So make this morning perfect with ur beautiful smile.. Which is most precious nd cherishing..make my morning perfect honey..
97 · Aug 2020
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
Dear bestie,  thank you for always appreciating me. Friends like you stay in the heart forever and their memories never fade away. Happy Friendship Day, dear best friend. Missing you a lot!
89 · Jul 2020
The pain
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
If you ignore all the memories.
That you don't know me anymore,
It hurts.
The pain,
That left nothing behind.
Also to make money,
It hurts.
The pain,
To be a stranger to you all of a sudden.
To wait without success,
It hurts.
The pain,
To see you with others
To take care of her,
It hurts.
The pain,
That looks like a fool.
Being mad while you are in love,
It hurts.
The pain,
Of all the senses.
That's because you're writing the poem,
It hurts...
88 · Jul 2020
I want,
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
I want to sink, sink
in the thick of your eyes
I want to sink in, be trapped
in the warmth of your arms
I just want to be washed away
between your pulse
I just want to disappear for a while
tracing your heart
boils down to
in room
your heartstrings.
"let me lean back for a moment"
may not?
87 · Oct 2020
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
उन्हें भी वहीं आना था, जहाँ मुझे जाना था
यूँ रुक रुक के मुड़ना बार बार, एक बहाना था
वो न कह पाएँगे "पारस" साथ कभी आने को
तुम्हे खुद हाथ पकड़ के साथ लिए आना था
86 · Aug 2020
The colors
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
That I see
I look
And I feel

The things I carry with me
There are vague memories
What I was
Than I plan to be

The human being is a mess..
85 · Sep 2020
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
3 years ago, you promised to be with me.
2 years ago, you promised not to leave me.
1 year ago, you promised to come back to me.
yesterday, you promised to erase out our memories.
84 · Sep 2020
Promise Offer
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
If you please - I will give
and you will receive my offering.
You can count on my full well-being
I will offer you my muse in your footsteps.

I cannot give you assurance
I love you more than your lover.
But expect  the purest desire
no one can beat anyone else.

I know you have a dream,
if I make it my measure I am happy.
But if you look back Dear,
I will not waste the pleasures.
82 · Aug 2020
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
In you
I fail all the great writers and all the great speakers when I believe that my voice doesn't matter.
I fail myself when I put it in my mind that I'm incapable of change, change in myself and in the society.
I am a disgrace to myself when I let all the evil and vices consume me with their shallow darkness.
I am a sinner if I let one missdeed around me, tip me off the edge.
I will be guilty when I let someone else's hostility towards me and disturb my tranquility.

Yet I know I can be saved,
My mind is a weapon that's what I believe
It can be lethal or it can be a treat,
I have to shape it in a figure I please
but which does not get the better of me.
I am the savior and I am the destroyer of my own conscience.
I must have the faith and courage to face myself and that's when I will be ready to face the evil.
78 · Jul 2020
I Hate You
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
I hate love songs
I really do
I hate those that remind me of you

I hate burgers
I really do
I hate the mayo you put on top of my tomatoes

I hate you
I really do
I hate that you make me miss you

I hate us
I really do
I hate that we can never let the world know
It makes me blue ...
77 · Dec 2020
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
I'll send a thousand dragonflies
that sparkled
near your window
to represent my feelings

. . . I remember our first kiss very well
I closed my eyes as best I could
then take my soul to another place

like the letter I left on your desk
swept away in the wind

my feeling ripples that you are leaving
too far to another place

I always miss
all the words stopped in my head
too bad
I can't convey it

but, this is all I can say,
I love you ..
72 · Dec 2020
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
तुम्हारे मन से मेरे मन तक का सफ़र इश्क़ है
कितना नादान है और कितना सा बेख़बर इश्क़ है..
67 · Jun 2020
Paras Sharma Jun 2020
It is as if we were born into the world
to fall in love
and fail over and over again...
65 · Jul 2020
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
They say, Stay away from strangers;
They ain't smell nice, But how come
Strangers become your best friends,
And love of your life They say dont talk to straNgers But yes they make to Marry them.. Strangers a word a child is scared of.. Parents tell them to be aware of  but one daY they tell their daughter to go nd spend her rest of life with him..
64 · Dec 2020
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
बहुत आई तुम्हारी याद, बहुत लगाई हमने भी पुकार....
शायद खुदा को मंज़ूर नहीं इस जन्म तेरा और मेरा प्यार..
64 · Aug 2020
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
The way you look at me
You look at me
Look at me
It's all in my mind
You lie
You look at me
Don't look at me
Look at me
64 · Sep 2020
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Sail on the mystery of hiraya
starting at the corner of the nobility
to the end of convenient
can this road be considered cloudy?

holding, releasing
will struggle but will not
branches and leaves are dancing
heart full of shouts

sure in every footstep
joy in the twinkling of an eye
every smile in your laughter
heaven will be with you

will be back
let's go again
in comfort..
61 · Jul 2020
Broken heart 💔
Paras Sharma Jul 2020
Kabhi Mere ghar ke Dahleez pe
Jo tum Kadam Rakhogi..!

Toh Sillen Lagi Kachi Deevaaro pe Khud ko dekh ke Chaukanna nahi
Haa Chaukanna nhi

Tumhare jaane ke baad Koi inhe Rangane Aaya nhi
Tumhare jaane ke baad koi inhe Rangane Aaya nhi
Kone Mei Toota Sa Phooldaan
Bister pe Bikhri Kitaabe
Chadar kee vo tikhi See Silwatei
Yaado kee Chubti Daraare
Sochaa tha koi savaar degaa
Gam mei Mujhe bahaar degaa
Tumhare jaane ke baad koi bhee dastak hue hee nhi
Tumhare jaane ke baad koi bhee dastak hue hee nhi...
61 · Jun 2020
Paras Sharma Jun 2020
Taken together
How long are we to wait for a time when it is not for us?
Mostly I will make the way back to the end so we can be poisoned...
59 · Aug 2020
Paras Sharma Aug 2020
Even your love is full of doubt
Let me remove the fear
I will wrap you in my love
I will keep you in my arms...
58 · May 2020
Paras Sharma May 2020
Chalte rehte hai pariksha zindagi ki  
pass koi koi hota hai
pal pal marta insaan
lekin lash koi koi banta hai ..
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