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Feb 28 · 21
Paras Sharma Feb 28
Mind full of hatred
It causes me sadness
I wonder if it's fun
Now that is not the case?

It is easy to pretend
But acceptance is difficult
Days with you
I'm looking for that

I still want to be with you,
It seems that destiny just does not want to
I know that's fun
Only with her

Hugs back and forth
I used to experience it again
Even just friends
Our Pronunciation and Origin
I love you
More than I love others
You just don’t feel it
Because your attention is always on her

I am suffering now
While you are happy with her
I just want to
You see me more than a friend

I continue to hope
That somehow you will come back
My life has lost its color
And it was just filled with sadness

Why was your departure suddenly announced?
I may not be enough to fill your desires
Are we only up to here?
Until just a friend until the end ...
Feb 6 · 25
Paras Sharma Feb 6
Even say a moment
I did not hesitate
traces on the lips
my smiles

you can go home with me
to my grief
so even for a moment
my fear was dispelled

even say a moment
time slows down
and wants to repeat again and again
and lean on you

so wait a minute
just calm down
Do not rush
want to accompany you

and I will always remember it
that before going home
our hands touched
so turning away is smiling

and my heart is sobbing
whenever you approach me
so in the next few moments
harm I expect..
Feb 4 · 28
Paras Sharma Feb 4
You will not be able to calm the growing stomachs
Those who cry for change,
for justice
for our rights
May their mouths be shut,
pretend you hear nothing
Or blindfold their eyes,
blind to the fact that with every right constantly oppressed and trampled on,
maybe next time
But you said, ‘why should I participate, I am not affected’
or ‘why are they bothering, there is nothing good about‘ this ’
You do not join the battle,
because now you are not inside the railing even though there is no guilt
You are not the one who is forced to be caught and trampled on the road
just because you are fighting for your livelihood
You are not the one lying on the road, ******
just because I was mistaken
Not yet
But maybe soon
Are you still waiting?
Jan 29 · 146
Paras Sharma Jan 29
शौक़ होते है हर उम्र में जुदा
खिलौने, माशूक़,एतवार और आख़िर में ख़ुदा..
Paras Sharma Jan 28
Education is a treasure that no one can steal. Education is very important because it depends on our future.
      I say this because nowadays, most of the recipients at work are graduates and this job serves as a bridge to his development as well as to keep pace with the flow of life.
      Education is the key to development to achieve the development we inherit. This is our foundation to rise out of poverty towards the continuous west and prosperity that we and our dear people aspire to.
      Education was very important to everyone, then and now. This is the strongest foundation of a person. It can also be taken anywhere you go and no one can ****** it from us.
Jan 23 · 38
Paras Sharma Jan 23
Honey, don't be fooled
In the beauty of the ocean
On the wave, do not step
It is dangerous to fight

It can never be allowed
You will be swept away by the ‘not fighting’
Stay, you will be taken care of from time to time
Promise, I will not leave you..
Jan 19 · 38
Paras Sharma Jan 19
दिखने जैसा कुछ नहीं... दिखाने जैसा कुछ नहीं
यहाँ कहने जैसा कुछ नहीं... बताने जैसा कुछ नहीं

हर्ज़ इस बात से नहीं की... कौन कितना जानता है
हाँ समझने जैसा कुछ नहीं... समझाने जैसा कुछ नहीं

बात-बात पे हर कोई... यहाँ अपना रोना रोता है
मेरा सुनने जैसा कुछ नहीं... सुनाने जैसा कुछ नहीं

इक मूद्दत पहले मुझे... हर शख़्स मुकम्मल याद था
अब भूलने जैसा कुछ नहीं... भूलाने जैसा कुछ नहीं

उस दौर में कभी कोई... हमारा भी हुआ करता था
अब अपने जैसा कुछ नहीं... अपनाने जैसा कुछ नहीं

दिखने जैसा कुछ नहीं... दिखाने जैसा कुछ नहीं
यहाँ कहने जैसा कुछ नहीं... बताने जैसा कुछ नहीं.
Jan 16 · 39
Absence Counts
Paras Sharma Jan 16
the shapes are squares
the look round
we change position

I fill the new notebook
writes the right hand
thumb in between
in intermediate and index

the eternal smile..
Paras Sharma Jan 5
I still embrace the memory of a dark afternoon; idiot at the window of our favorite restaurant, and amazed at the rushing rain.

The air is very cold. My body is cold but I still do not want to leave his seat. It was as if something was waiting to suddenly emerge from nothingness.

If you happen to pass by, stop in front of me. Hear your voice again from the weight of the raindrops-- I want your voice to be heard again.

But in these moments, as the downpour intensifies, I can barely kiss you; take refuge in another restaurant, which is your new favorite destination-- with your girlfriend..
Jan 1 · 115
Paras Sharma Jan 1
तुमसे दूरी होने के... उपरान्त जब भी अगर...
मैं कुछ अनुभव करता हूँ... तो वो केवल तुम हो.
Jan 1 · 43
Paras Sharma Jan 1
जाम ए चाहतों के बगैर कोई अफसाना नही होता ,
इश्क के नशे में डूब जाने का कोई पैमाना नही होता ,
प्यार मुकम्मल होते ही पूरी कायनात खूबसूरत लगती है , मोहब्बत में हारे मुसाफिरों का कोई ठिकाना नही होता...
Jan 1 · 43
Paras Sharma Jan 1
झुका कर नज़रें वो... मुझको सलाम करता है...
किस तरह मोहब्बत... वो सरेआम करता है
Dec 2020 · 47
New year 2021
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
लौट आओ भुलाकर खताएँ मेरी
राह में दिल बिछा दूँ अगर तुम कहो.!!
आया नया साल सज गया पूरा शहर
मैं भी घर को सजा लूँ अगर तुम कहो..!!
Dec 2020 · 72
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
तुम्हारे मन से मेरे मन तक का सफ़र इश्क़ है
कितना नादान है और कितना सा बेख़बर इश्क़ है..
Dec 2020 · 61
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
बहुत आई तुम्हारी याद, बहुत लगाई हमने भी पुकार....
शायद खुदा को मंज़ूर नहीं इस जन्म तेरा और मेरा प्यार..
Dec 2020 · 45
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
शायरियों से मेरे जज्बात परखने वालों,
ख़त भी चाहिए या सिर्फ लिफाफा काफी है?

चंद लफ़्ज़ों से मेरी शख्शियत तो बना ली तुमने,
बूंदों में ढूंढ लिया मुझे आगे देखो वो समंदर अभी बाकी है!
Dec 2020 · 77
Paras Sharma Dec 2020
I'll send a thousand dragonflies
that sparkled
near your window
to represent my feelings

. . . I remember our first kiss very well
I closed my eyes as best I could
then take my soul to another place

like the letter I left on your desk
swept away in the wind

my feeling ripples that you are leaving
too far to another place

I always miss
all the words stopped in my head
too bad
I can't convey it

but, this is all I can say,
I love you ..
Oct 2020 · 39
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
What is it? The eternal theme of man in the matrix of life. And that is why it is often difficult to find words to describe, because there are few real words. It's ... The energy that drives every atom on planet Earth. A miracle that happens when we least expect it. A special branch of art. Sixth sense. It is a thousand years in one moment, lightning in one touch, reading a book in one word. Countless moments that are never enough or too many. That is the only solution to the problem of human existence. The need for love can be neurotic, sadistic and masochistic and thus love can be provided and shown in many ways towards many things. The paths of love are unpredictable and maybe just at the moment of a random glance, Cupid's arrow hits us and then we feel that strange feeling in our stomach. After that event, we look at the world through pink glasses and the reality is only in the bottom of our cerebellum. We live in the clouds and no obstacle is so great that it can stop us on the way to fulfilling the desire for love.
Oct 2020 · 28
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Chalte rehte hai pariksha zindagi ki  
pass koi koi hota hai
pal pal marta insaan
lekin lash koi koi banta hai...

Oct 2020 · 22
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
the melody of your voice sounds like salvation
in the movie
your eyes see the destiny
we are the only ones who have knowledge
so you will look everywhere
to the other side of town or town
wherever you go
'cause you are the only home
I'll call it ever
your single name
no matter where it goes
what's important is that you kiss
on my head, baby
it reminds  of our love
I will provide u everything for you
because you  the only one ..
Oct 2020 · 23
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Iss safar mei raat aisi kho gaya . Hum na soye nind thak kr sogai..
Oct 2020 · 32
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
the hope of the people,
the only one who can provide freedom,
says Rizal is young,
but now where is it?
Oct 2020 · 87
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
उन्हें भी वहीं आना था, जहाँ मुझे जाना था
यूँ रुक रुक के मुड़ना बार बार, एक बहाना था
वो न कह पाएँगे "पारस" साथ कभी आने को
तुम्हे खुद हाथ पकड़ के साथ लिए आना था
Oct 2020 · 33
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Little flower
Little brunette flower
That i know you
But I still don't understand.

Little flower of love
That I love you
But I still love you.

Little flower of rain
You live wrapped in roots
You live in your dark world
With Christmas lights
And me here trying
Not smoke my soul
For understanding you ...

I want to ask you
That you hug me
When the smoke
Eat my bones
And don't reach for the light
Of your body.

Want you to know
That every day I worry
For your slim body
Why don't the sun burn you.

And I know that with the step
Love becomes good
And what for when my eyes
They close
I will already be yours.
Oct 2020 · 31
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
lounger or lounger?

more to the lounger, not soft
the thing is

but still comfortable
while accompanied by you and fool

from morning till evening
still feel at home talking

but you remember the obligation
past Asr, almost sunset

then immediately say goodbye, afraid to miss

then your back is the thing I saw last time

thank you, and sorry

of me who is daydreaming and hoarding questions
answers available on brainly..
Oct 2020 · 140
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Sometimes the value of a word
location in the 'say it forth',
the packaging is more valuable
then the wrapped and the roller
better highlighted
than the paint itself.

I hand out and catch them.
You can clap if I fall.
I long and long them
and that is the worth most of all.
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Look west
Right where the twilight will disappear
Beautiful colors are created
Orange to orange color
Isn't it beautiful in the eye?
Yes, she is very beautiful
But unfortunately it is a sign of the end today
Twilight on the eyelids
You are beautiful but only temporary..
Oct 2020 · 50
Bitter drink
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
I take life
in the now.

Time is just
my way of looking.
Well, when lightning erases us

There will be no one to contemplate
to the god of time.
Oct 2020 · 43
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
ਮੇਰੇ ਨਾਲ ਕੋਈ ਰਹਿਕੇ ਖੁਸ਼ ਨਹੀਂ,
ਸਾਥ ਦੇਕੇ ਖੁਸ਼ ਨਹੀਂ,
ਜ਼ਿੰਦਗੀ ਦੋ ਪਲ ਦੀ ਹੈ,
ਰੱਬਾ ਕੋਈ ਦੇਕੇ ਖੁਸ਼ ਨਹੀਂ।
Oct 2020 · 31
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
I see
your eyes
the fun
you to him
I just don't really understand
what I should feel
I left you
my fault
but you can't blame me either
if sick here
here in my chest
because when I left you
I did not want
so now
even though I don't like what I see
was forced to look into your eyes
I see
the fun
you to him
because of this I am also happy
because I know
you're happy
because of him.
Oct 2020 · 33
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
It will pass too
maybe it will pass too
seems to pass our feelings
seems to have been rejected
and now there is a possibility of seeing again
is afraid of what can be done
to the feeling passed, taken away, lost.
Oct 2020 · 36
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Spring has come,
I see flowers everywhere.
I'm surrounded by yellow ipe trees,
Sitting on the floor ...

There are hummingbirds,
The macaws land here,
From time to time even the little bees come,
It is a spectacle of nature.

Across the street, the buildings remain gray ...
The city doesn't stop,
There is too much noise.
People bump into each other and don't look at each other.

The only thing that matters is the views,
The happy selfies, the relationship on the networks.
The gray of the city reflects the gray of the people,
Who made who gray?

Thankfully, spring still visits my backyard.
Oct 2020 · 106
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Cradled you high above,
Desiring to live with me,
While my heart has long been shattered in the cage of the soul.
I myself live without it,
What can I offer?
I have a smile,
I have love,
But I have nothing you want.
Oct 2020 · 30
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
It's raining again,
Is heaven happy or sad?
No one knows,
Like secret feelings and hidden pain.

With every drop of rain tears fall,
Trying to restore happy memories.
Rain is the reason why they came together,

It will also rain in the rain.
Walk and run in the rain,
Wet or muddy regardless.
The rain suddenly fell,

The umbrella saw surprise.
Catching, the twinkle in your eye,
That is what I remember at the first meeting.
It seems we are in koreanobela,
Feel the heroism.

But as the series looks forward to,
The story of the two of us is finite.
The happy ending, can no longer be witnessed,
Because you do not want to see the end, you have to leave first.

Walk and run in the rain as you chase.
Wet and muddy, regardless.
My sobs can't be stopped,
At the same time it was raining.

Your umbrella will never be seen again,
No more, you are free to leave.
That is the memory of our last meeting,
To be the villain in everyone's story.
Oct 2020 · 40
Thank you friend
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Because you are always there
If it comes from somewhere
Always pay attention, type

Asking for an apology
Sometimes I let you
to be confined to your residence
as if of no benefit

Sorry again sometimes
We are in the midst of rejoicing
I will release you
And I will look at others

Thanks friend because
even so
what is happening to me,
you are ready to make me happy

Thanks for your music
shared, we enjoyed
written are
has its own tone

Thank you friend because you are
is always there
Oct 2020 · 177
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
What a blow, so fast
don't get everything
you always had it fast.

Duster, Left Counter, Right Caller, Bottom Overfeller and Dramatic Narrator

It feels like a thousand blows to your face
suffer loss of vision and
can no longer see
what it could have been, maybe.
Oct 2020 · 34
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Mirage of ***** Coffee
In my sleep
I still love your shadow
The disrespectful came to visit without informing them first
Your black charm haunts my mind
The feeling of wanting to hold, smell and taste (you)
Even if it's just a false shadow

This time I don't want to think about anything
Not also about (you)
Why think impossible to have

Now the two trails are colonized
Always soothing only coffee
But I prefer it that way,
Because 50% of the sweetness of my life
Taken away with (your) pseudo-shadow.
Oct 2020 · 50
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
I believe in you
in your actions
I believe in you
in your words

I believe in you
in what you say
your words
from your lips
who does not lie

I believe in you
in what your movements say
which gives hope
always hope

that would have been true
that would have been true
I wish you were real
I hope you are not afraid
I hope you don't hide

I believe in you
in what you say
I give you a chance
to make me believe
in what you say
in your actions
I will believe.
Oct 2020 · 50
For you
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Your love is so mysterious
I do not know how and why
But I was still thrilled
With your smile and gaze
I seem to be going back to the time of my courtship
Because my heart is crying out for help, but you
I almost went crazy because we were a few kilometers away and I couldn't see you
But by the time your palm touched my skin
I know in myself that everything is true and real
I know I do not live in a dream
And I definitely don't play with my stupid mind either
You are already in front of me
I saw you again, touched you and felt you again

Your love is so mysterious
I do not know how and why
But I was still thrilled
With your smile and gaze
Every time you are there my heart beats faster
Many doubted and wondered but in the end love still prevailed
Organization adopted by time and seems vague to overcome

And now that we are still writing our story
Now there is a new chapter
And the theme seems to be getting better
Expect each page to be filled with beautiful scenes
I am still your king and you will remain queen
Because your love is so mysterious
And to this day you continue to thrill me..
Oct 2020 · 351
Open book
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Nothing new if you close
even the only open book
so that I can read what is on your mind
you're doing
your attitude
because there is nothing new
it has also been closed for a long time
the door, the book
and any other representation
that we have..
Oct 2020 · 35
I was, I am There
Paras Sharma Oct 2020
Floods, storms, rain, heat

when no one believed you
I was there
beside you
and now
to feel the bitterness of the world
please do not forget
the reminders mentioned earlier to you
and I am the only one who believes in you..
Sep 2020 · 34
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
I fear.
I'm afraid to fall in love again
Fear of the word I love you
Fear of hope "we"

Because it still dominates
The feelings for him
Question to own
"Will I love others?"

Fear of getting hurt because I know
You're still the one I love
Fear of loving others
Because I know you are still in the heart

Fear because I will never forgive myself
If I hurt others.
Fear because I can no longer love
Love others

Because I gave you everything
I was afraid to look at others
So long as you are in my heart
I will not look for others

Because I was afraid of getting hurt
I am afraid to use
I'm afraid to fake feelings
Because I know you are still mine,


For myself,
Because I love
The person who loves others.
Sep 2020 · 456
When I'm Gone
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
When I get to the end of my journey
And I walk my last tired mile
Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned
And just remember the smile

Forget unkind words I spoke
Remember some things I did
Forget I've ever been sad
And remember I had lots of fun

Forget that I stumbled and chatted
And sometimes case
Remember I had some hard fights
And won, before the end of the day

Then forget to grieve that I'm going
I would not want to make you sad one day
But in the summer only collect flowers
And remember the place where I lay

And come in the shadow of the evening
When the sun paints the air in the west
Stand next to me for a few moments
And just remember my best.
Sep 2020 · 178
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Tum jante ** mujhe jeena nahi aata tumhare bina
door rehna nahi aata tumhara bina ,
jeena ke lia umar bhar tera sath chahta hoon
mujhe akela rehna nahi aata
** jyea agr meri toh zindagi se kuch or mujhe lena nahi chahta ..
tum jante ** mujhe jeena nahi aata tumhare bina .
Sep 2020 · 578
I don't
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Need postcards with your poems,
and you can keep the chocolate for yourself.
I just want to read books and live in silence
Sep 2020 · 37
Celebrating Sadness
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Celebrating Sadness
Or the day after tomorrow
My body floats between the universe
Together with the star constellations
Then crashing between the savanna
Once again, I celebrate sadness.
Sep 2020 · 48
Summer Love
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
Summer Love
You were my summer love.
We met at the pier and walked along the illuminated beach.

I used to sunbathe every day,
I was always drunk.
And it wasn't just wine.

The gleam of his gaze hallucinated me ...
I wanted you for me, in all seasons, but love like that doesn't last.

I was from the sun and you were from the moon.
Sep 2020 · 28
I Miss You
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
No matter how hard I try to close my eyes
when I try to materialize in your thoughts
-i miss you i miss you i miss you please miss me too-
I will never be able to be
where does not fit me
even if I break 10 bones in my body
and crush my heart some more
it still wouldn't do
i will never be
inside you without being able to stretch me..
Sep 2020 · 46
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
A kiss on the back and a secret
- why do you never sleep?
- I'm always daydreaming about you.
(if I sleep here and now
the next day comes relentless and takes you away)
and if i blink
and lose everything?
Sep 2020 · 31
Paras Sharma Sep 2020
I found that two bodies do occupy the same space..
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