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gabby Sep 28
I know your name
But i wish i didn't.
I wish i heard you
Saying it just for me
Then shake our hands
So formal.

I heard girls repeating
You are a nice guy
But i wish i could
Discover that myself.

I wish i could keep
My eyes locked on yours
For hours
Cause those fast moments
When we meet with
Our common friends
Aren't just enough.

Why do i want to know you
Or to be alone with you?

I wish one day we will
Run into each other by mistake
And have our first talk.
Cause now i am not even supposed
To know your name.
But.... i have feelings
For you,

Literally confused. Is it going anywhere?
I hope i have never seen this guy  more than a possible friend.
gabby Sep 20
Let's dance on the school hallway.
Tango, everything you want
as long as i can hold your hand.
Melting in your weak arms
i am staring at your eyes
so raw, misterious and hopeless.

One step back, two forward.
We fill this boring hallway
with buds of our young love.

The ring bells annoyingly
and the piano fades away.
Just smile (you are charming)
because I know we are helpless
when the dance ends.

We have spread our love
with every shy step
and trust me, those buds
raised up from the cold floor
of the scholl hallway
will suddenly bloom every time
i put my hands around your neck.
I am literally in love with this kind of love where everthing is so fresh and innocent.
gabby Sep 9
I didn't change
Cause i was too afraid
They will be shocked
When they see me
Talking so loud and
Being too confident.
So i waited

For that new beginning
But i woke up
With the same
Cruel eyes staring at me
So i choose to keep silent

This is the poem
Be confidemt. Don't care about them. Or their thoughts. You will regret. Just saying.  
Do not waste time being someone you don't want to be. Done now.
gabby Aug 28
still cannot
how people can
kiss strangers
and feel high.
it's like the
worst lie
you don't
have to say
but you still
use your
I feel a little guilty after writing this.
Perhaps i am just scared of...?
I hope it does't sound bad but i am sick right now of this attitudes.
gabby Aug 22
I have not touched the edge.
I have not fallen that deep,
Then i have not felt like flying
And i have not fooled myself
That i will land on my feet
And be as innocent as once.
Nor have i melted on the ground
But crying because it hurts
When risk and hope colide.
Still injured i have not smiled,
So proud that i fell fearless
Even my fragile heart
Broke into small pices.

Yeah, i have not done this
I will just keep waiting.
It is so hard to control your feelings and realise what kind of person you want to fall for
gabby Aug 22
And i would like him to be a poet
A sweet boy who loves a lot
The lovers.
Always thinking deep about the one
For who he murders pens and paper
To describe
How beautiful and insane it is
To be in love with eyes and hands
And soul,
A loverboy who confesses his love
With words that give you trills and
Then makes you cry when you hear
Other poems about a goddes with fair hair
He adores.
But when asking him, the poet, about
The creature he kept writing such words
He smiles
And passed his hand through your dark hair
And whispers so charming and softly
" Darling
In my world you are that goddes
And i am just a blind murritore
In love"
Not sure what i fell.

— The End —