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playingorpheus Jul 2014
You can lock my body
You can teach me wrong
You can fool me as much as you want
But my soul, my heart, my mind
They’ll always be free
I trust them to wander around
And bring me the light when darkness falls
They’ll never fail me
You cannot control them
You can’t make me stop thinking
No matter how much you try
So I’ll be here waiting for justice
Waiting for everyone to finally look
And see the truth
playingorpheus Jul 2014
Stop! Why can’t anyone see the obvious?
Hands ***** with blood
Mind ***** with greed
Bombs and guns and knives
Take the blame for man’s actions
But it’s you, it’s your fault
It’s your eyes that are closed
It’s your heart that is lost
Take a look around and see
The beauty in helping someone alike
The magic in the shining eyes of a child
When justice has been made
And freedom becomes real…

— The End —