Dear love,

I still remember the first day when we first met.
Our first date, my first ever.
Every little thing, every small detail; I could still recall it picture-perfectly.
Who would’ve thought we could make it this far?

Through thick and thin, we’ve been through a lot.
We’ve faced both heaven and hell on earth together, and tasted both the sweet and the bitter.
Yet my faith for you never falters, nor my love for you ever fades out.

Being with you, I’ve learned many things others never taught me before.

You taught me how to be a compassionate human being;
One who would be willing to go out of their way just for the one they love.

You taught me how to be a selfless human being;
One who would put down one’s ego and wouldn’t mind who’s right or wrong,
One who wouldn’t mind saying sorry and owning up to one’s mistake.

You taught me how to be a resilient human being;
One who wouldn’t give up so easily.

And the most importantly,
You taught me how to love and appreciate myself more;
One who would wake up to someone relentlessly admiring another’s existence oh-so unconditionally.

Whatever it is that life has bestowed upon us, we shall get through the murky, stormy sky.

I shall love you until my fleeting vassal turns into nothingness.

Everlastingly yours,

The moment when
you stopped saying
"I love you"
is the moment when
I stopped sleeping.

And I've never been this sleepless before.

Dear Love,

Engulfed within the darkness of the night, I'm writing this to you in hopes that I'd convey at least a bit of my utmost sincere gratitude to you for being so kindly decided to be around. Let me kneel before you and humble myself in front of you, for you're the only one who could and would embrace me wholly and completely. I can assure you that I don't have any other needs nor motives behind me asking for your constant presence other than the desire to love you wholly and completely in return. Allow me then to submit myself to you as whole, for you're the only one who could and would take me as it is; unpolished, raw, untouched.

Longing for you badly,

P.S. Please don't stop clouding my head

Dear love,

I'm writing this at four in the morning as I relentlessly contemplate about how much I cherish you as a person, treasure you as a best friend, and adore you as a lover. These feelings are overflowing my insides like a deluge, and the constant surge never subsides — always flooding my chest and making it feels as heavy as ever, just like when you loomed over my body and took a bit of my breath. I hereby would like to remind you over and over again that I could never and would never be thankful enough for the opportunity to know such a kindhearted human being like you and the very privilege to have you right by my side for more than a year already. We've gotten so far and we've finally come to an understanding that all the wears and tears apparently only made our clasping hands stronger instead of weaker and our mortal selves better instead of worse. Until the dawning of time when each of our gentle souls leave its fragile vessel, I'd like to humbly request you to kindly let me stay for a while.

Forever yours,

P.S. I love you

Dear Love,

It's three in the morning,
And I couldn't wish for anything
But your warmth right beside me.

Missing you always,

In the calm and the dark I wrote to you.






A story about a man in debt getting murdered by the shark loan in his tiny apartment.

I live together with my best friends,
But we do not split the rent.
We have never even once been apart;
I don't even remember, when did it start?

I live together with best friends,
So we do not meet only on weekends;
I think it must have been years
Since they first started whispering to my ears,

I live together with my best friends;
Although everytime I have to pretend
Like I'm all alone and on my own,
Acting like they are unknown.

I live together with my best friends,
They are there even when things go bent;
But I can't see them in the mirror,
Then how could I listen to their chatters?

I live together with my best friends,
Even if all they give me is torment;
For they only live in my head,
And I can't wait for them to be dead.

I live together with my best friends,
When will this ever end?

A memoir of a person with DID
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