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Jul 2016 · 525
The Whole Of The Law
Patrice Jones Jul 2016
West of nowhere, East of nothing,
directly in the middle; an anomaly has been born.
A galaxy in her own right, a star in her true form.

In stellar nurseries compressed the matter and frequency
which made the core of her being and the corona of her beauty.
To the left is void, to the right is eternity,
directly ahead is he; both together in the middle.
Binary stars bound by heliocentric law,
all else revolving in their gravitational well.
They make love over and with the earth
as tadpoles fly through paisley skies,
bound on by iridescent solar winds procured by her painted lips;
circling a black hole in which all of everything is the beginning of nothing.
On the event horizon is spoken the law, stretched and pinched into pureness, eternally devoured into oblivion.
Which the sweet flavor of is relished by the infinite being of darkness that stretches ever on.
Only to reappear in the farthest reaches of the universe,
the whole of the law spread out into the cosmos.
Her name is Andromeda, and what she wilt, she does.

93 93/93
Nov 2014 · 545
A Boy and a Flower
Patrice Jones Nov 2014
Only words of eloquence painstakingly chosen
and refined may paint this picture.
Alone and forgotten, like a seed's unbeknownst potential
left on the pavement for the birds.
For a daisy lacking pedals, leaf, or stem would not
ever have been thought to bloom.
A youth's realization began a life of friendship, and love,
and beauty of unmatched quality.
He found former choice lacking all that which the latter
gifted in grand white bouquets.
A bond unparalleled and uniquely honed under repeated
cast of golden sphere retrieved.
For the improbable flower blossom could only continue
when given love unconditionally.
Yet even an impossible flower would succumb to the
cruel and imminent crawl of time.
He whistles a tune that once was doted, wishing it
could again encouraged her evolution.
A boy and his flower, inseparable until the end that
stole sooner than hope could want.
To the plot where her love held sound root, buried down
deeply in the soil of his soul.
His only comfort to be found was in the life he gave her,
in her happiness self perpetuated.
In knowing that his painfully delicate flower never once
was shaded, nor stifled, not uprooted.
She was whole, and so was he.
But no longer.
Mar 2014 · 315
Patrice Jones Mar 2014
Together, we can find
our escape. To discover
ourselves and live out life
in revelry. And use our bodies
as a declaration of our
freedom, ornately decorated
with the stories of our youth.
Far far away from this
flat town that does nothing,
but hold us back.
Feb 2014 · 5.1k
Whiskey, Neat
Patrice Jones Feb 2014
A random incoherent nonsense,
slurs from an inebriated mind.
A stumbling confused conscious,
takes paths ending dead on a dime.
Whiskey, neat.
Jan 2014 · 4.6k
Until I met the Sun
Patrice Jones Jan 2014
Light cresting the horizon, she reveals herself to me.
Her brilliant beauty shining, enlightening me is the Sun.
Leaving me blind eyes for it's long since I've seen the light.
As my sight returns, I see a smile upon her glowing face.
Happiness and warmth shines through, but also sadness.
Such a cavernous sorrow only matched by mine.

She speaks to me of a wish to be with the Moon once more.
Like when the land was warm and both did linger in the sky.
A brisk winter wind now engulfs the Sun.
Yet still she shines beautiful life, given to all that behold her.
I have felt her kind light on me, and I have come to cherish the feel.
Memories of my unending midnight that left me cold and bleak, evaporated;
replaced with joy, for returned have the young embers of feelings.

With the presence of the Sun I have been brought back to life.
And I wish to covet her, like the day does the light.
I whisper a wish, a pining desire to share that heavenly grace with the Sun.
But I may only behold her poetic wonder with my eyes I fear.
Far to deep is her flame, which I still yearn after.
Trudging forth is a feeling of looming disaster,
for her thirst is of the Moon's accompaniment alone.

Who am I to stand between the Sun and Moon? Gods in the sky.
For I do not reside above the clouds; I am but a mere observer far below.
Enchanted by the mellow glide through the heavens that they shared.
The Moon should feel her kind sunshine upon his face again.
He knows little of the night that I have hid in for ages repeated,
for he is not charged to linger in darkness for all eternity, like I.

A reluctance I feel to accept the truth, but I may not escape it.
Though, should my heart be tamed? Which is so full of longing.
Ages have passed since my bones have felt this empowering warmth.
I find my mind imagining, dreaming, wandering;
into a place it's far too long since felt any comfort in.
Only to be brought back to the present by the warmth of her smile,
a glance from her beautiful piercing eyes, to hark of her divine laughter.
Remembering that happiness is felt in the presence of a flower,
yet to pluck it for ones self, would begin an end to its beauty.

Whatever may be the desire of the Sun, I share for her too.
For she has shown me life like I've forgotten was possible.
A gift of the like that I could never return with all of my days.
A lost soul in lingering affection of a star, to be looked upon as a fool.
Though a fool for attempting, rather a fool for abstaining.
So return to the dark I will, awaiting in hope for my day to come.
The day that the Sun should like to illuminate me again, and fill my soul with warmth.
Yet I am terrified that day will never arrive for me,
for I've known not but this tragic desolation that has consumed my heart.
Until I met the Sun.
Jan 2014 · 2.0k
Feelings Once Felt
Patrice Jones Jan 2014
My life in a different place
Young and full of bliss
Never again would I feel the same
For my heart would now stand still

Years crawled along
Caring only for myself
Not a second thought given
I felt without feeling

Memories were drowned
Forced away to the bottom
Little did I know
That I would soon feel again

Appearing ahead, a woman
She brings me my heart
I resist with all my soul
For fear of the tides of loneliness
The waves of pain
The knowledge to gain
The feelings to be slain
Why am I afraid

She's in that same place
That I once was
Torn from the honey breeze
And thrown to the bitter cold

I have lived here long
In this moment bleak
Then she appeared
And put a smile on my face

I feel lucky
So uniquely lucky
And yet not so
A taste of things to come
A morsel of feelings
An apprehension
A longing wait
I'm ready now

She has much to learn
And I have much to give

Why must I continue
Wasn't all before now enough
I have been alone
And known to feel nothing
But again my heart sings
For I am alive again
And yet still alone

I feel my hopes are folly
I should just stop trying
She doesn't want my heart
Just stop

— The End —