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Sarahi Feb 28
Licking paper as if I’ve never done
Taking a walk beneath the calming sun
This stroll to make time pass by
Until we feel the begin of sibylline high

Snickering and trees is all we can do
The bench moved, did you see that too?
No wind, yet dirt is skipping along
This new universe is forever where I belong

Twinkles and jumbles of words catch my eye
Bright colors and auras, so much stimuli
Warning, don't dare look at your reflection
Little paper, so useful for the amazing introspection.
I’m back
Sarahi Mar 2016
I waste graphite
as my pencil scribbles
words I'll never read.
Why, for the sake of
my pencil's life,
shall I sacrifice him for
the approval of a stranger?

Words are just sounds
that enter and exit my ears.
The web of knowledge
is no longer sticky
for this nonsense
of disinterest.
be curious, not competitive
Sarahi Dec 2015
I don't need anyone
Not one person worth
sacrificing my happiness for

yeah I like you, sort of
I honestly like myself more.

kisses are nice
but yours aren't that great
I just want to have fun
have some bubbles

but mine are at your place
not sure how to tell you
for us to sip separate

this isn't about you
this is about me
went a year focusing on him

now it's my time
I've changed so much

thanks to me, not you
Sarahi Nov 2015
I'm so frustrated at myself
you have no clue what you're doing

No creativity, no soul, no truth
Just going through the motions

I thought guys were the problem
no the problem is myself

I was so happy but what happened
I feel hurt, broken, annoyed

My future is so cloudy.
My present is so manipulated

Ignoring my problems through music
Where's the crafty girl I know

I'm frustrated and angry
Bruises on my head

I'm acing my classes but I'm so fake.
I'm faster but not stronger.

Where is the girl I know
Sarahi Nov 2015
The familiar, the comfort, no change
So vain, much pain, feels strange
uncomfortable, disturbing

Swimming along the river
running with wind at our backs
a one eighty turn, finally ******

easy was once a dream, a goal
though lessens the worth, dead soul
mind empty with chaos

frustration and hell
feeling so underwhelmed
why must I crave this?

Smells, and visuals
euphoric and thrills
Z's float above me

trickles throughout my body
eyes chameleon
dilated cherries
Sarahi Nov 2015
I am strong I say
I don't need you today
Love, too overrated
"I'm free," I stated

Relationships, a bore
Constant arguing, a war
Planning future around them
Then breaking up 8 p.m.

It seems pretty stupid
Worshipping this guy Cupid
Everything is now "GOALS!"
Love yourself first, poor souls

Though I hate to admit
I'm maybe afraid to commit
A slight soft touch I do miss
But not ever craving a kiss

Wanting comfort or hugs
Their absence presented drugs
I am perfectly fine, it's okay
Because I don't need anyone today.
Not wanting a relationship, wanting support
Sarahi Nov 2015
I swim along the river

The current magnificent

Full of life


His momentum, petrifying

His water, pure yet clouded



I'm pulled along, fighting and resisting questions and distractions

The net comes

I stand still

The river moves past me

All around me, within me

Yet gone *forever
not my poem, a friends
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