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Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Ripping, tearing,
Pulling my flesh away.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
To a host of which
They are unwelcome.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Lying, defying,
Numbing the realities.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Whispering nothings to which
There are no meanings.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Confusing, undoing,
Ignoring all truths.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Crafting lies which
Are filled with sin.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Mending, fixing,
Stitching the wounds.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Making a home in which
They shouldn't be existing.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
 Jan 2014 T James
Alyssa Spungen
Her head a cloak of messy stars
Held high amongst the loveless
Queen of the tortured
Ring in your dead horses
Yesterday burnt edges of lace and pearls
Drape death’s bone structure upon your face
Happiness; a vow you gave on your living days
Sugar-covered strawberries; promises lost
The death gallop with a wave of her hand
Blink the good fight tear my pearls
No longer hungry eat my words
A vortex you’ve fallen into dead bride
A final shower of bones and velvet
You’ve waited so long to reach the bottom
Laugh at the darkness
Long ago the same charade
Except blood was pumping
Honey, stop scraping your knees
Stop crying
The light will be at the bottom as long as you’ve had a memorable time getting there
 Jan 2014 T James
Bailey Morse
It's all I can do
To walk into the new year
And pretend that I'm not crawling.
To convince myself
there is nothing that can fracture
a heart of stone.
Not shattered bones
or loose ends,
heaving lungs
or dead friends.
A smile can hide
a plethora of downfalls
but it cannot begin to fade
the way we are addicted
to the taste of our sorrows,
our lips drenched in the familiarity
of half dreams.
I am choking on air
before I can choke back the tears
and my hands
still aren't used
to the emptiness.
 Jan 2014 T James
seas of me
 Jan 2014 T James
please don’t look at me

like your entire world sits

in my silky smooth hands

because it will slip through
the cracks between the tips

please don’t speak to me

like your very strum of words

rely on my dull echo of a voice

because you will go deaf

from listening to my answers

but oh dear please don’t lay

your love on my heart because

it will turn over and the scars

will be burned open and my claws

will sting you away more violent

than a bird flying away or even

the tides of storm returning

to their home somewhere beneath

the blue, dark sea of your tears

shed because my heart lays

deep down in the black sea

cole 12/30/13
 Jan 2014 T James
Hate me.
Like every word I've uttered has cursed your name.
Every laugh has been at your expense.
Every smile a plot against you.
Even before I met you I want you to hate me.
My life has led to you.
And now we're sitting in a room
While you're silently seething, burning
With this awkward attempt at che sera, at live and let live,
At Apathy.
You know how I hate that.
I told you to hate me!
Do so! In the grandest display of passionate fury to be trapped inside of these four walls.
Make your words fly like daggers towards my very life
And blaze and scorch the very skin I use for protection.
Throw me to the wall with a growl in your voice that makes everything inside of me
And I will disappear.
I have patiently waited for your hatred.
Since you first looked into my eyes and told me.
So long as the sun rises and sets I will continue to wait.
So just hate me loudly already.
Royally flushed;

chips spent cheap

wasted bets,

too sour champagne

Gambling with your heart

a last resort at best,

Never thought

I'd lose this fabulous

game of life,

of Russian Roulette.

words spin, they say we

only get to draw 21

chances to either

fold or win.

Take that heart

to texas and hold'em


High stakes to play;

no end in sight.

I'm sorry this life is

a casino,

and you without

love to bet.
 Jan 2014 T James
Ashley Goff
We hide from everyone
Wallow in loneliness and silence
But we are the only ones oblivious
Blind to our own exposure

Beauty cannot hide worry
We wear our lies like a brilliant mask
Incognito and apparent to everyone
The truth will come out in the end

Time will dig a deeper hole
And in the end it will be buried
But so with it my heart
Because time cannot heal love

Star-crossed lovers will meet again
Time cannot defeat fate
I will wait a thousand years
In the end we must remember that its never to late

— The End —