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Kiui Jul 20
is it almost December?
am I finally graduating?
my my time flies, I've done so much
now, I'm ready to move on to the next chapter
opening my gate to something new
taking risks and opportunities
finding a new hobby; be
in love with someone new; and begin a
new adventure; I'm...
Did you guys manage to find the hidden meaning behind this piece? The first letter from each line spells out "I am not fine". I've been telling people I'm fine and telling them how excited I am about everything... but deep inside, I know I'm still not... I'm still confused and lost about everything and thus, the messy structure towards the end of the poem. The "..." before excited also emphasized my doubts.
Kiui Jun 3
you asked for a midnight show
I was the movie ticket

you asked for beautiful scenery
I was the car ride

you asked for chocolate ice-cream
I was the machine

"thank you, you're a big part of my life," you said
"you're welcome," I whispered

I give you what you want
But I'm not what you need

I'm just a bridge
but never...
the destination
just some thoughts... ever feel like you're just a replacement and people replace you easily? that's how I feel at the moment.
Kiui Sep 2018
When will I realize that I wasn't the main character of a movie
That I can never be a part of people's memories

When will I realize I'm not a supporting character of a tv series
That I'm only important when people have queries

When will I realize I'm not a scenery nor a sound effect

When will I realize that I'm only a credit scene
The unattractive, full of words, boring, credit scene
The scene people will never pay any attention to
The scene where words are so small, you don't hear me crying
The scene where people say, "thank you for making this show"
But never really remember the names

When will I learn to love myself as a credit
When will I learn to accept that a credit is just as important
Even though I'm boring, unattractive and unwanted
Kiui Jun 2018
I can live on my own
I don't mind waking up to an empty room
Playing my morning playlist from my phone
Drinking a cup of warm tea, eating pan fried eggs and mushroom

I'm not lonely
I'm alright, everything is really lovely...

How sure am I
that I'm fine and
I can live on my own?
Kiui Jun 2018
I lowered my tone when I spoke to you,
I had chocolates today, chocolates that I dislike,
I laughed a lot recently, cracking stupid jokes,
I tried my best to be kind, even to strangers,
I craved for apple pie today those I usually hate,
I stopped bugging people, when I'm sad,
I learned how to be positive, by escaping,
I started drawing again because I miss it,
I walked alone on the street today, smiling like an idiot
I refused to get mad, because I shouldn't be

I'm trying my best

notice me

and help me
not feeling very well recently and here's just some of my thoughts, expressing them makes me feel a lot better; stay strong everyone
Kiui Mar 2018
it was at the age of twenty one
where I learnt that people change

it was at the age of twenty one
where I bid goodbye to my youth

it was at the age of twenty one
where I realize that my BFFs are acting strange

it was at the age of twenty one
where I learnt the truth

that this year
I'm celebrating my birthday alone
Kiui Jan 2018
staring out the window and noticed my neighbour's lavender bloomed
it's a beautiful day but why am I in my room?
oh it's because my heart is aching as if there's a wound

something is making me feel bitter
trying to write a poem that can express what's the matter
maybe after writing, I'll feel better

but honestly,
I'm just lonely.
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