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pistachio Dec 2018
Shall I leave of shall I stay?
I'm baffled to see you in dismay
If I stay you'll only yearn for me to wake up
If I leave, the days of yearning will probably come to a stop.
Undecided...Puzzled...Help her decide the next step.
pistachio Dec 2018
The hands of the clock pierced through me
Akin to a sword sharp and trenchant
Every passing hour brings me to malady
My mind descends to naught each and every vanishing month.

They say antidote is the time
Mending the affliction of memories pernicious
But it's a venom, bane and crime
Extending my heart's hole cause by reminisce infectious.
The time didn't stitch my wounded heart. It perhaps created a bigger hole.
pistachio Dec 2018
I am your hostage
You locked me up inside a rusty, quaint cage
I can't move, I am tied
My heart's in hysteria, I could have died
I can't even utter a single word
My body's numb from this tight prickly chord
I have lost, I let myself get captivated
By romantic trifles that will never be reciprocated.
But still, I don't think I can get out of that cage.
pistachio Dec 2018
Wind dances from one to another
Disinterested of their gold and castle
A breeze comforting, so warm and gentle
I wish people too will cease with their selfish desire.

Wind caresses anyone's skin softly
Regardless if a person’s white or black
Can people too, befriend needlessly
of each color and races without giving any mock?

Wind rushes sometimes blustery
And other times soothing, balmy and tender
It blows as it is without judging a person’s faculty
Towards people it is impartial of their gender

Wind traverses to the freer space above
Unbiased, liberated and inspired
Let us all be like the wind filled with love
A love for everyone, a love to be admired.
Wind is warm. Wind is gentle. Can we all become like the wind?
pistachio Jan 3
Cerise fire blazing
Lethal yet so enchanting
Uncontrolled feelings
A haiku. :)
pistachio Jan 5
I fell foolishly
Onto flower-decked abyss
Bewitched by beauty
Another haiku :D
pistachio Dec 2018
He wore his tux, he looked so dapper
He bought her flowers redolent and lovely
Then he got to his car and drove a kilometer
When he got off, he took a breath deeply
He walked slowly and finally reached her
Then he kneeled and put the flower on her grave mournfully.
pistachio Dec 2018
Ground's bare but we two filled it
With footprints chasing each other heartily
But those were superseded past a minute
With footmarks of separating ways painfully.
Our footprints show the blissful start and sorrowful end of our love.
pistachio Dec 2018
I want to be as pellucid as waterfalls
As limpid as clear glass
Transparent as windows between the walls
Translucent as a frosted glass
A case puzzling consulted to Sherlock Holmes
A noticed must-read tome
An idiom comprehended
A metaphor which meanings unravelled
But I'm a wall, thick and opaque
Not translucid and clear as a lake
So I guess no one will ever see through me
My thoughts
My being
My depression.
For the times when we need people to see through us during our fuliginous hours.
pistachio Dec 2018
You are there, you are in front of me
I reached my hand towards your face
I do not want to wake up from this reverie
I do not want another moving on phase
But as I open my eyes I see agony
For you are not there in the first place
Reverie is a bittersweet thing.
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
     land so
    barren with
     a dreary lonely
    life, seeking rain to
    end this strife. I am living
              in  nothingness. But there is        
     an oasis in my tear duct, fertile
      spot, an emotion still left in me
    keeping me alive, bringing back
     my will. I now know the point,
    the reason why they arrive,
    them tears in my life.
A shape poem. :) Don't know if it's good. Have a good read. :D
pistachio Dec 2018
As a leaf departs from a twig which dears her true
And which on his care and ardor adamant
So acquiescent and frail you depart too
With the swift wind you became compliant
Then, ceiling became my kind of sky
But bare and dull contrast to that azure canopy placed high
Bed is now my kind of meadow green and dazzling
But damp not of dew but of my tears overflowing
My breath turned into a summer zephyr
Warm and gentle, repose to my fear
My tears grew into an ocean abysmal
Immeasurable with ripples cataclysmal.
You gave me this kind of dwelling after you left. But I guess you didn't know.
pistachio Dec 2018
Once, a child aged four asked her mother,
"What are those lights over the yonder?"
Then she held him tight, before giving an answer
"Those are fireflies and they'll soon cross our border"
The child's heart was filled with delight
Ever innocent of the impending plight
"Will they be here before we go to sleep?"
He asked and the mother tried not to weep
For she knew that that *******
Will sent them to an eternal slumber.
What kind of fireflies can give people too much woe and fear? What kind of fireflies can send people to an eternal rest? They are war bombs.
pistachio Jan 6
The stars gleam in different pace
But they still are like an orchestra harmonious
But why do are hearts even in discordant race
Can never be a symphony euphonious?
Stars and hearts both glimmer in different pace. The only difference is, stars can still be a symphony melodious while hearts can't.
(A very simple poem.)
pistachio Jan 9
My thoughts are the paint
Unlit sky as canvass
Sombre masterpiece.
Another haiku :D
pistachio Dec 2018
By the river bank, the daffodil sways
With the soft brush of astray wind travelling
But not a petal of her defrays
She remained charming and ever alluring
Then I saw you wanted the flower there lies
But I’m a stem, a nil to those eyes

At night, you glance at the sombre canopy
Your eyes wander hopefully and eagerly
Then I saw a glimmer and blithe on your face
When you found the star- the only one you chase
So, you combed the crowd of gas and dust
Yet you couldn’t see the moon to you that always watch.
What can I do? I am no match to a flower and star?
pistachio Dec 2018
Rose, hydrangea, tulip, lily
The place is on its aesthetic bloom
I walked in the aisle slowly
And at the end I see my groom
The march ended, and I sobbed heavily
As I saw my love lying peacefully.
What kind of emotion waits for her at the end of the aisle?

— The End —