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Piolo Quintos Sep 2016
How long has it been,
since the last time that I’ve seen,
or even heard of you?

Where have you gone to?
You’ve left behind not a single clue.
You’ve left me clueless as to where I should begin.

Stunned and stupefied,
where should I begin?
Making meaning out of the void,
despite the fact that I am
stunned and stupefied.
How do I begin?

But wherever you may be currently,
I just want to ask you sincerely
if you’re feeling happy and free.

Oh I hope that you do.

I do dream about you constantly.
Not during the night, honestly.
Not when my eyes are shut.

But when they’re wide open,
when the sunlight hits them blind again.
It’s when I dream of you.

It is when, too,
my mind manifests
clear visions of you.
This feeling in my chest,
whenever I do,
feels like an adjourned sunset.

I miss you.

But if ever you do recall that night,
may I remind you of how much things felt right?
I hope you felt the same, or at least the slight.

Heart pumps irregularly fast beats,
Hands and feet freeze.
If this ain’t love, I don’t know what is.
Piolo Quintos Aug 2016
Oh numbers, figures, and letters or symbols of different sorts,
   whether you be in dotted-graphical or word-complicated appearance,
      your incredible eccentric ways of depicting your vision of reality
         is indeed other-worldly.

I am overly fond of this impractically senseless path which you have taken.
   'Tis truly entertaining to be following where your footsteps are taking you,
      to be learning from your own point of view,
         albeit reading your words are a little bit confusing, yet gratifying too.

To predict what follows your previous whereabouts,
   to mimic your flow of actions then after leaving me in a wow,
      and to check what is being dealt with now,
is the only way that I know how
- my version of reality as I have seen from you.

There are countless more to comprehend, but I am not capable enough.
Your great omnipotence has opened lots of dimensions,
   welcoming other universes that have existed long agone,
      although they maybe unperceived, you have informed us about their existence.

There is more than what most of us expects from you.
You existed long afore even existence ever became a reality.
You are something that has numerous beginnings yet endless.
You are yet to be discovered, the absolute truth is yet undiscovered.
I haven't written for months. Just an attempt of getting back to poems and poetic stuff.
Oct 2015 · 479
Piolo Quintos Oct 2015
Nobody understands
Nobody has to understand
My thoughts are for myself
They are food for my mind
Keeping it fat and useless

Nobody listens
Nobody has to listen
My words are for the people
They are jokes to laugh at
Making it senseless

Nobody sees
Nobody has to see
My burdens are for my heart
They crush all my insides
Breaking me, leaving me heartless

Nobody cares
Nobody has to care
My life, my life is a lie
It is what I'm searching for
I tried, but I lost it in the process
Loss is a necessity in order to gain something.
Jun 2015 · 837
Random thoughts
Piolo Quintos Jun 2015
What a psychotic ******* eats,
are zygotic mustard bits.
Pure random **** right here, was thinking of ridiculous things.
Jun 2015 · 431
The Devil's Kiss
Piolo Quintos Jun 2015
I can't believe
No, it just can't be
Lies, lies it should be
Such things shouldn't happen to me

Traumatic, truly it is
Shouldn't have let the devil kiss
Oh Lord, forgive me please
I never, in my life, wanted this

For almost an hour I've been
In hell, and will never be again
For each time I see the devil grin

Huge guilt murders me,                               
in memory of my sin
May 2015 · 498
Untitled - (5W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Being hated,
I hate it.
May 2015 · 24.2k
Population is Pollution (10W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Where there is human,
   probably there must be ****...
Populated areas are Polluted areas.
May 2015 · 667
Piolo Quintos May 2015
I am not, but an aspirant
gazing across the trails
left by the constantly moving
constellations, revolving
in different directions.

Giving credit, to where
credit is due, to fishes
that swim in
the vastness of blue,
bottomless, limitless.

Where skill, overpowers
the power of dedication,
even though willingfulness
unlocks the ability inside,
giving use to it's life.

Following the traces
left behind, I hear
their echoes, speaking
the untold, screaming
loudly 'til they unfold.

An obvious similarity,
though differences are clear,
gaps and spaces are formed,
producing strange music
perceived by our ears.

Defining fake originality,
being perfectly imperfect,
recycling notes, making new songs,
I've discovered my diamond,
I shall return it back
to where it belongs.
May 2015 · 363
Natural Flow
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Open up the box,
that's inside my head,
let go of my thoughts,
let them rejoice in freedom.

Free myself,
from hindrances,
let the words go,
and build up themselves.

Watch them fly,
see them alive,
creating their own universe.
      The power of poetry...
Just let out the words themselves as my hands accompany them through their journey into life.
May 2015 · 3.0k
Piolo Quintos May 2015
        is not success,
                if it's for **Revenge
May 2015 · 1.6k
Piolo Quintos May 2015
In times of sorrow,
whenever you're blue.
I'll try to follow,
try and comfort you.

Entrust me your secrets,
tell me your stories.
I promise to keep it,
free you from worries.

Whenever, wherever,
you needed a friend.
Forever together,
indeed it will end.

If faced with a problem,
and don't know what to do.
Please know that I am,
forever with you.
May 2015 · 486
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Change your perception,
along with your intentions.
Change the world,
with your imperfections.
May 2015 · 2.6k
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Must you cherish every moment of bliss,
and dare not to let a single second miss.
For ignoring the mere impermanence of this,
brings regret in failure to respond to happiness's kiss.
May 2015 · 238
How I wish
Piolo Quintos May 2015
I've already thrown,
my coins in the wishing well.
Patiently wished,
at every star that fell.

        When will it come true?
                      *My wish for me and you...
May 2015 · 312
Piolo Quintos May 2015
        are my *living evidence,

                the *proof of my existence.
May 2015 · 25.6k
Goodnight (10W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Close your eyes and say,
"Not bad for a day!"
May 2015 · 247
Piolo Quintos May 2015
only exists as a word,
a term of exaggeration.
May 2015 · 1.1k
Morning (10W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Wake up,
it's another day.
Take chances,
*live your life.
A 10-words poem attempt
May 2015 · 210
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Dream, Dream, Dream
Go beyond the extreme
Forget about reality
May 2015 · 450
Dreamland (10W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Fall asleep,
and let your dreams
create it's own reality.
May 2015 · 308
Everything I fear
Piolo Quintos May 2015
the single most scariest thing I fear.
filled me at the thought of not having you here.

I'm afraid of tomorrow,
afraid of the possibilities,
afraid of what could follow,
I might get eaten by my insecurities.

Fear of the *unknown
the incapability to understand.
Fear of being alone,
I've only got my shadow as a friend.

I fear the *unexplained,

I don't know what to expect.
I'm still here and I am praying,
At least God still has my back.
Rhyme scheme is A, B, A, B.
May 2015 · 22.4k
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Ang lagi kong naiiisip
Ang nagkatotoo kong panaginip

Ng puso'y di matahimik
Sana'y iyong madinig

Sa kahit anong larangan
Aking patutunayan
Taglay na katotohanan
Ninanais na pagmamahalan
Filipino Love Poem
May 2015 · 231
Believe (10W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
You were right,
all along.
Don't listen,
prove them wrong.
A 10-words poem attempt, again. lol
May 2015 · 390
Welcome to the Dream World
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Cold nights,
Hands and feet are dry.
Bright lights,
are sparkling from the sky.

whispered me.
As I bid my farewell,
to the world of reality...
May 2015 · 252
Together (10W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Don't hurry,
wherever you go.
Don't worry,
*I'll always follow.
A 10-words poem attempt
May 2015 · 281
Us (5W)
Piolo Quintos May 2015
This ain't true...
A 5-Words poem attempt
May 2015 · 178
Boredom kills
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Being left alone,
with no one to talk to.
I only have my own,
I've got nothing to do.

As time flies by,
the silence gets louder.
And as I start to cry,
it slowly gets darker.

"What am I?"
"Is somebody there?"
Desperately, I try
as I look everywhere

Basically I'm lost,
I don't know why.
I've been eaten by my thoughts,
thoughts of *you and I...
May 2015 · 339
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Hello dear reader,
Thank you for your time.
I hope you'll be safe from all of the world's crime.
A 3-lines poem attempt
May 2015 · 358
Grab the Chance
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Wasted opportunities,
Numerous regrets.
Endless possibilities,
*Undiscovered yet.
An 8-words/4-lines poem
May 2015 · 321
Piolo Quintos May 2015
I'm sorry,
I didn't know.
It still is hard for me to let go.

I was a fool,
I was so dumb.
It was too hard for me to understand.

I'm really sorry,
I wish I knew.
I was being very doubtful of you.

Please believe,
I really did try.
I tried my best not to cry.

Again I'll say,
but this is the last.
Sorry for leaving you with an undesirable past.

Forgive me,
I hope you're happy.
I hope you could find someone who's better than me.
May 2015 · 196
Piolo Quintos May 2015
Alone at night,
thoughts whisper.
Slowly eaten by fright,
heart beats louder.
In a room without a light,
I begin to wonder.
Is it really alright,
living with no other.
May 2015 · 301
Piolo Quintos May 2015
I used to hate people
I used to hate them all
For everytime I fall
No one ever heard my call

I used to hate this life
Almost stabbed myself with a knife
In this world where crime is rife
Depression always seemed to be my wife

I used to hate this world we live
Nothing ever returned for everything I give
Is it me? Or is it really hard to believe?
I hated it, and I always wanted to leave

And as hatred ate my personality
Slowly, I was awakened with a slap from reality
For everything I hated turned out to be
A reflection of who I used to be.

— The End —