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Pink Kator Nov 2020
Pretty little bird
Who created her own cage
Who once hated her own wings
For being flighty
Now stares outward
From behind her wooden bars
That she picked so meticulously
For their safety
            and comfort

And only now
           notices their restrictions.
There is safety
                but there are no skies
        She loves to sing
                         but also to fly.

If she breaks some branches
    for a doorway
will the rest crumble
with her inside?

Or is it possible
      to have a nest to return to
    As well as the sky?

Should she try?
Pink Kator Nov 2020
If I wrote you a note
would you sign it?
Would you add 'PS Me too'
At the bottom?
Leave them with two coffins?
Pink Kator Nov 2020
someday you'll sleep through the morning
return this night owl to darkened trees
until then you are stuck
chasing dreams with broken feet
Pink Kator Nov 2020
I don't mean to make you cry
But my own tears are rivers
This water breaking stone down
into canyons
Until there's nothing left,
just emptiness
Just a spectacle for others to stare at
And to tempt the other jumpers
Who feel just as empty inside.

Nowhere to hide
When the closet isn't big enough
The darkness doesn't last long enough
And you spend your whole days tired
Walking on the thinnest wire
That you try not to fall off of.
Why not jump?
One gust of wind will blow you over
Why wait?
Till then the torture's never over
The other side is never closer
The end always only in sight
Why fight?
Pink Kator Nov 2020
I'm disintegrating
even hard rock's made into canyon
how long can you keep going
how long can you hold?
the village safe
from the avalanche?
-give it a few more days-
at what point is the break?
or is it like erosion
so slow that you don't notice
so gradual, there is no pain?
but you choose
each day
are you withering away?
Are you pushing yourself so hard
the the cliff is quickly nearing?
How much will it hurt
when you hit
the bottom?
you choose
you choose
you choose
But you can only think about
what you will lose.
Pink Kator Aug 2020
How much is too much
and how little's enough?
If I reach for you
will you shy from my touch?
If I choke out the words
will they be enough?

Cause I don't want to push, love.
I don't want to shove.
I just need to know now
if I'm still the one.

Are you still having fun?

If I opened the front door
Would you try to run?
Have my little "quirks"
become just too much?
Do you despise setting timers
for laundry and lunch?

"How deep is your love?"

If I asked you for candles and wine
would you do it?
Would you begrudge me for asking
to see if the shoe fits?
Cause I know getting older
doesn't have to mean *******.
Proximity doesn't have to mean closeness.

I just want to know, love
If you'd still be concerned
Do I bring too much heat?

Does your fire still burn?
Pink Kator Jun 2020
And now
after years of torment
with only brief reprise
I can hold your
damaged heart
throughout each night
I can keep it safely beating
right next to mine

I can keep the longest nights
and greet the
sun-filled sky

with you
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