danny 9h

Body so cold
But my heart is so warm,
This landscape, my landscape
Pushes my wings to keep beating.

If I feel now I would not be sad,
For I wish only to land up
the manicured lawns of Aristocrats.
I would have earned my sleep.

Raw is how I feel,
the brooks, the hollows, the trees
all seep into my mind and bones.
Utter joy and contempt, a mixture.

I should have flown away more often,
My nest in the turret was always a haven,
and natures prison,
I would have earned my hope.

danny 21h

Lowest of the low,
Not much point now,
Have no further left to fall.

Clench to my comfort
All to play for now,
Rock bottom is the best foundation.

danny 1d

No panties just killer heels,
Raincoat covering my gifts.
You loosen your tie and slip off your shoes,
Anticipation all over your face.

Computer chair swiveled towards me,
Grind on you slow,
Your big soldier salutes.
Mounting your desk, swish my hair.

Jackets on the ground now,
My legs spread and in the air,
Your hungry for me Sir,
I will hold all your calls.

Tongue punching my lily,
Slick and ready,
Your starving for me now,
I will cancel your 3 o clock.

Door locked, you are naked bar
the tie and maroon dress socks.
Long day at the office dear,
Gonna have to work overtime.

Pounding me now, your Rolodex fallen
I take the minutes of my moans,
Been wanting this for ages,
CEO was always my favorite position.

Dripping, your package filling my snatch,
Corporate stress meets carnal greed,
Desk and I taking a pounding,
I now know what goes on underneath your suit.

Braced against the filling cabinet,
"I will get right on that, Boss,"
Your hand on my ass, thumb in my mouth,
Always the best at securing raises.

The little secretary that could,
My name in the past,
I take minutes as you nut,
Dictated, but not signed, Lyla

Lyla as a secretary, fucks her boss.
danny 1d

You get in life
What you settle for in life,
Often the fire inside, fades or dims.
Waiting for it to reignite
lets the dark in.

When you realize this could be
the strongest you will ever amount too,
but you get out of bed regardless,
putting one sock on at a time
like the rest of the world.

danny 2d

As I walk down the damp street,
I take four moments to reflect,
I try to see the fog of my breath until it dies in the night air.

The bright Moon slants across the wet roof tiles,
The cold makes my fingers tingle,
My bare feet are pink,
But not red.

My nicotine fix is calming my foot fall,
I try to appreciate the coldness as it begins to snow,
I pull my coat tighter around my neck.
As it turns out I like Winter after all.

danny 3d

Shoulders sag,
Weary but determined,
The reflection is my only constant,
It is more than enough.

The resolve behind my mask and shield
this is as strong as I will ever be.
That keeps me going.
It has too.

Burning maps and guidelines,
Instructions failed me at the start.
The swiftness of my feet,
Have served me well, thus far.

No time for external love,
The past is the past,
When one door closes,
I created the wind at my back.

Hope ceases to amaze me,
need for approval non existent,
Inner doubt is my ying.
Self trust my yang.

danny 5d

Face; wrinkled, honest, lied straight to,
Heart; soared, broken, mended, strong
Head; sore, clear, weary,
Mind; busy, cloudy, open,
Hands; held, caressed, struck
Soul;, true, troubled, free

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