danny Feb 5
I have hung up my relationship cap,
Muddled down with nonsense and all of your crap.

You say I went left but I was always right,
I just gave you the flowers so you couldn't pick a fight.

I was braver than I thought when I walked out the door.
Didn't really care that I littered the floor.

With fragments of photos and memories together.
You did him in our bed, who knew you were into leather!

I changed all the passwords, ate all the food.
Logged into your accounts and deleted all  your nudes.

Took the dog, Netflix account and the goldfish too.
Broke your Nicki Minaj Cd's but kept EryKah Badu.

I salted your garden, pissed in your pool.
I that angry so I broke every house rule.

I don't care about dignity, I may be alone,
But I am petty as F$@k and made you read this poem.
danny Feb 2
Still waiting, but entertained.
A stolen kiss led to my patience.
Mind occupied with the taste of your lips.
Body emblazoned with the taste of things to come.

Sun finally sets.
An end to a day full of warmth.
Darkness soon to cast its shadow.
The best love happens in the dark.

Regret won't creep in,
If you retract on your promise.
Busy bones form my being.
There will be other kisses and other sunsets
I got a prompt to write a poem from a picture. In the picture its a man sitting in a swimming pool over looking the ocean with the sun setting.
danny Jan 30
It was solitary,
Seemingly erected from nothing and nowhere,
At a time when It was unknowingly
Needed the most.

A purple haze enveloped the base,
Faint neon light buzzed,
Mimicking a heartbeat.
The car engine finally conked.

Desolate and enchanting,
A siren call if you will.
As it is in life, hesitation seeps
When you have a choice to push some buttons.

Purred to life underneath the initial caress
Inner motor jarring to action.
'Discover your fate.' The tinny voice announced.
On a dark and lonely road, the question apt.

"Could it be you have fought what you
Ultimately seek.
The courage that ebbed, introduced you to

"The passion that once burnt has
Tainted your soul.
A bigger picture unseen,
Left you unfilled yet whole."

"So turn around and be gone,
Live life like you do.
The car engine didn't die.
It was never about you."
danny Jan 23
With this ring I thee wed,
Never assumed those words would leave my lips
But they did.

Unsure of what the word vow actually meant or entailed.
All I knew for certain was that vows are fragile.
Broken and they can end worlds.

What comes next?
I do not know, with you by my side.
I do not need to know, or worry.

I just want a love like the ring I gave you.
Wrapped around you and shining,
Your body, heart and mind wrapped inside.
danny Dec 2017
We don't hold hands any more,
You don't say thanks when I hold the door.
We seem bogged down and too busy,
If I left tomorrow, would you miss me.

We used to dance so care free,
Light dimmed, bodies close... free
Music pounding, our lives out to sea.
Breath on skin, meant to be.

We don't ask how we are anymore.
It's toast in mouth, rushed coffee, out the door.
Basic texts, "We need toilet roll"
Bruises the core of my now solo soul.

We used to dance so true and spry,
Our body language couldn't lie.
Enraptured with each other, on the floor.
A dusty samba, alas no more.

There is no need for us to just fade away.
We let life and routine lead our way.
Brushing off our dancing shoes, prelude to prancing.
Life's too short, Kathy, why aren't we dancing?
a marriage/relationship that got stale for no reason
danny Nov 2017
You make me feel different.
No longer the odd man out
even when I am alone.

Around you its real,
I strut not slouch.
No longer wasting smiles.

I tried and tested the adage
'You cannot break your own heart'
I never thought I would be that focus group.

I guess I just love you Is All
Need you Is All

I didn't know I was waiting for someone like you.
You opened my eyes and cleared the clouds.
My heart beats so hard it hurts, if this is love then....

I guess I am just hoping Is All
Just thinking out loud Is All

You showed me the color of glass.
You only have to stay for a day, or 2 or 3, Forever max.
We will have a life that other are jealous off.

We deserve no better,
We deserve each other.
Each other is enough.

I'm just wanting Is All
I'm just craving Is All
danny Nov 2017
If I let go,
Would you reach for me,
Buffet the wind so I could float.
Even if it was far away from you.
Could you.
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