danny Dec 2017

We don't hold hands any more,
You don't say thanks when I hold the door.
We seem bogged down and too busy,
If I left tomorrow, would you miss me.

We used to dance so care free,
Light dimmed, bodies close... free
Music pounding, our lives out to sea.
Breath on skin, meant to be.

We don't ask how we are anymore.
It's toast in mouth, rushed coffee, out the door.
Basic texts, "We need toilet roll"
Bruises the core of my now solo soul.

We used to dance so true and spry,
Our body language couldn't lie.
Enraptured with each other, on the floor.
A dusty samba, alas no more.

There is no need for us to just fade away.
We let life and routine lead our way.
Brushing off our dancing shoes, prelude to prancing.
Life's too short, Kathy, why aren't we dancing?

a marriage/relationship that got stale for no reason
danny Nov 2017

You make me feel different.
No longer the odd man out
even when I am alone.

Around you its real,
I strut not slouch.
No longer wasting smiles.

I tried and tested the adage
'You cannot break your own heart'
I never thought I would be that focus group.

I guess I just love you Is All
Need you Is All

I didn't know I was waiting for someone like you.
You opened my eyes and cleared the clouds.
My heart beats so hard it hurts, if this is love then....

I guess I am just hoping Is All
Just thinking out loud Is All

You showed me the color of glass.
You only have to stay for a day, or 2 or 3, Forever max.
We will have a life that other are jealous off.

We deserve no better,
We deserve each other.
Each other is enough.

I'm just wanting Is All
I'm just craving Is All

danny Nov 2017

If I let go,
Would you reach for me,
Buffet the wind so I could float.
Even if it was far away from you.
Could you.

danny Oct 2017

Zoomed right out
Insignificance crept in,
Getaway tokens tucked,
Pent up angst, unfurled.

To flee the familiar
Not doing this to cause hurt
It just has to be this way,
Staying is not viable.

Need new air to breathe,
New faces to avoid eye contact with,
To make the unknown my known
It's my goal and only.

In search of enlightened souls,
to caress my core.
Been loved in the past,
Am willing to think about trying.

Looking for new stars to count,
New smells to turn my nose up at.
The frigid life is no longer happening,
Dying is better than meandering.

Confidence should find me,
On what ever page of the atlas I inhabit.
Former acquaintances should forget.
For it is whats best.

Running away to start afresh but finding it hard to shake the bad behavior and thoughts that made fleeing necessary in the first place.
danny Oct 2017

Wanting to go but scared to fly,
closed eyes forever, one final sigh,
An escaped tear, a rattled breath,
A battle well fought, winner is death.

Blame the heavens and their greedy skies
Loved ones remember the fractured lies.
Legends cut down, myths created
Existence understanding but never abated.

Moss covers the forever bed,
offers and pleas, take me instead.
The final destination is one we all crave,
Dying is easy, you just lay in your grave.

danny Sep 2017

Waves crash against the shore,
Bronzed Goddess laid bare,
I know you're looking,
I never care.

I feel your shadow
on my skin,
"Yes you can oil my back"
Lean forward, begin.

Coarse hands at work
Warm hands for play,
Looking forward to the splash
You can swim in my bay.

Lying beside me
Tilt my shades to view,
Your buoy propping up,
'Bout time you grew.

Taken in your arms,
greasy protection from the rays,
Secluded beach,
Sand for days and days.

Storming my own sand castle,
no need for a bucket,
my merman on the towel,
"Here's my clam, now fuck it."

Matching the motion of the ocean,
Sand angel underneath,
they can hear my moans,
from the lighthouse to the deep.

All over tan,
no visible line,
Claim your salty liquid
as mine all mine,

Nature the best place to cum
I think as I grown,
You're wet from your swim,
Could never get this wet playing on my own.

Lyla while sunbathing at the beach, fucks a stranger
danny Sep 2017

Taste remains on lips,
Sweet scent on fingers,
Vivid memories scorched,
Internal desire still lingers.

Hair air blown and tossed,
Cheek lovingly stroked,
Burning pure passion
Vibrant embers now stoked.

Calmness ultimately present
Company offically confirmed
Heart currently divided
Life lesson learnt.

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