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Henry Akeru Jun 2020
Sometimes I wonder;
Am i really awake sleeping
or just living this life in Dreams?
Henry Akeru Apr 2020
This is something I will do ;
Steal a candle at night to write you a poem.
A wind creeped in through the window
It landed on my Chin and I smiled.
My mind danced like a stranded flame:
I remembered the flicker in yours eyes.
Magical! I was entailed. Many faced one.
Yes! Many faces you’ve got each new.
I kissed you. Not with my lips;
My heart did. And yes it was Magical!
My world is a Metallic Frame.
Behind bars my slender arm reached out.
My slender arms was not long enough.
Like wax It melted.
Hoping to regain my form on shapeless candle stand.
Henry Akeru Oct 2019
The wet floor sign has been raised for the tears.
Blood in the eyes. Bleeding pain and fear.
I walked carefully lest I slip.
Sleep deserted, the pillow soaked not the ******.

A sip of the abandoned wine.
Brought about the washing of guts.
More tears: the floor becomes really slippery this time.
Time took flight then crashed to a halt in shame.

Taking careful steps lest I fall.
Out of the cavity came dry bullets
The sign called: EVEN WETTER FLOOR!
Then I slipped into sleep against all Odds
I broke the heart of a woman i love so much.
Henry Akeru Apr 2019
I will Miss rejoices tiny Voice echoing through the hall at Night
I will miss Lyndas Lean Zero fat body and Bulgy Cute eyes
Sharons BumBum bubbling Like Frost bubbles
i will miss
Victorias Bright Crystal eyes sparkling like polished Carbon.

I will miss my buddy, Duru our late night sessions.
Rasaq attempting to toast all my girlfriends( Now u have 2)
I will miss  Peters Eerie Quietness

I know am always crazy and sometimes very quiet.
My *** belly  preaches the gospel of my Diet.
Yet our night memories i will never digest
#Friends at work doing Night shift shuffled.
Henry Akeru Apr 2019
Will you allow yourself go
Just because you await what is yet to come?

Let your wings Loose
While stilling the Arid Air.

Will you  drown yourself in thirsty truth
Or flood yourself in the desert of  Dreadful Lies?

All i see are forward glides in the opposite.
A dive into the musk of filt.
Hidden Truth.
Henry Akeru Feb 2019
My thought is like the Gold Crown
So tiny yet so dear.
But make a little smoochy sound
And It disappears.

My thought is like the desert.
So vast and so dry.
Heat and dust will you make merry.
Flooded in the mirage of truth.

My thought is like the ocean,
Reflecting the shimmering sun
Yet hidding so many slimy Secrets
Hunting me with dark dreams

My thought is like the moon
Glorious at night
Yet shy at day
In it holds power and MIght.

My is my blanket in snow
My ice in the Heat
My light for the nights
And my forever play mate.
Word play.
Henry Akeru Feb 2019
I will battle treacherous thorns,
Conquer the garden to give you Roses.

I will wrestle the wind and the sky
on eagles wings to give you earth.

An elephant will i tumble upside down
harvest the tusk to craft you a scepter.

A tsunami will I cause to unravel
The treasure hidden beneath the ocean for you.

For I love you with the love of old:
my humble heart I present in a golden chalice.
for my one true love NKIRU
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