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I'm thinking of something
Of a smile
Of a kiss
Of a boy

I'm thinking of you
In all the best ways
You make me smile
More than I ever thought I would

And trust me
Your smile is
Cute and flirtatious too

I am in love
With every part
Of you
I know it doesn't count, so neither does this one.
If everything that has happened hitherto has made me who I am than everything that is to happen shall make me who I am meant to be. To regret or become disappointed in past or current events is to deny yourself and others their own individuality. I love easily but am never upset when I'm not loved in return. I love unconditionally, because, I see things in others that I find beautiful. The poet in me love's in a unique way that some of you may relate to, but, I doubt if most of you will ever understand. If I tell you I love you and you ask me, "why do you love me?", then you undermine the love I have for you. To put a condition on something that would otherwise have none. Maybe I fell in love with you because of a smile. Maybe I love you because when trying to hold back tears, you allowed just one to fall. Do not ask me to explain why I love you, because, I doubt that your pet's could explain to you why they love you either, but, that does not mean that they don't.
If there is one thing I have learned and would like to share with the world it is that Love and Hate are both contagious. They spread from one individual to another. Everyone encounters both on a regular basis. Sometimes we fail to recognize them for what they are. Every good act done is love in one of it's forms. As every evil act done is hate in one of it's forms. Being around either teaches us about both. Love and Hate are like opposite magnetic charges. They can not co-exist in harmony. For every act of love that we appreciate, we destroy a piece of hate within ourselves. And every act of hate that we allow to change us also destroys the love within our soul. I often forget these things myself and let hate make it's impression upon my very own soul as I so often have in the past. These are moments when I need to take a time out and remind myself that I need to oppose any form of hatred that tries to enter my day. Not to help myself. Not even to help the source of the hatred. But to help all others who would otherwise be affected by that hatred if I allow it to go forth in the world without trying to show it some form of affection that may impact and change it before it tries to share it's negative energy with another. Just so there will be that much less hate existing in humanity and fueling the fire that is hell bent on destroying us as a species.
This is the truest look anyone will ever get at who I am. Within these words are the essence of my heart and soul. I hope it can become a part of yours also.
I'm thankful for gravity
and all that is
I'm thankful for flowers and trees,
Birds and bees, you and me
I'm thankful for poets
writing beautiful poetry,
I'm thankful for their pen
and their golden ink
I'm thankful for the soil,
and so much more
I'm thankful for gravity,
and all that is
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