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I am simply an artist and a poet who has learned to paint with what I have.
Grace E
25/F/Probably a coffee shop    My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Selah
M/Victoria, Australia    Self-taught composer, tenor (opera, art songs, folk..) and violinist. A humanist. Basic words: love, humility, compassion, tolerance, humour. JOURNEY OF THE HEART, collection of 163 ...
Agnes Lyndy
F    A solicitous soul with a lot of emotional garbage. (Always open to constructive criticism).
24/F/Cleburne    24. College Student. Dreamer. Writer.
I no longer strive to strive towards such things.
Elizabeth Zenk
17/F/Getting There    Another Day Another Day
Leone Lamp
29/M/The Left Coast    "I've been known to dabble." -bottle cap
Abner Ros
Australia My poetry collection book!
Hamilton, NJ    Born, raised and educated in Trenton, NJ, one of 7 children from a family of Italian-American heritage. Received BA in English in 1976 with a ...
Kaitlyn Marie
24/F    ♡ I've come back to shed a little light in my life. I'm twenty-four and learning
eleanor prince
Australia    may light ignite - where shadow sits alone - tell me what you sense - when etchings raw you read - and how my exploits ...

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