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Phil Riles Nov 2018
The sun shines on us all, as well as the rain

Torrential downpours of pain, we lose and we gain

We veer into cliched territory to verbalize our response to more tragedies that a lost world continues to offer

The signs of the times the Holy Text forewarned becomes ever more visible...except to the blind and the Scoffer

Why does the blood of the innocent and unknowing continue to shed for the next man’s awakening of his own imminent flatline?

At times I, picture myself in someone else’s fate, how would I have handled myself in that same place?

How would I have responded with bullets suddenly flying around me as potential dead bodies surround me, in that unexpected moment of truth...which characteristic would have ultimately found me? cowardice...or courage?

I find myself at times discouraged by my struggle with self-assurance in knowing that my demonstrating answer is in the latter rather than the former

How many times have we entered into a school, mall, concert venue only to have a passing or pressing thought enter into our conscience only to ask “what if I’m not supposed to make it back out alive”?

Did Rachel Scott struggle with these internal inquiries in the years, months, days, hours, final seconds before she stepped foot on that columbine soil destined to receive her call to became a maytr for the Gospel she lived...and died for.

What exactly are we dying for? Are we dying to self? Or because of it?

Whether our final earthly breath is due to a natural cause or one unsuspecting...what are we dying for?

Many people will not be able to answer that question…until it is forever too late...
Phil Riles Aug 2018
When you’re left with more questions than answers, When you’re mind suddenly becomes a war zone With your soul on the front line, it’s like land mines of temptation planted to detonate every time, with every...mis-step, when your thoughts align with this flesh, You slowly drown In a swamp of distress/But out of this mess I receive the hand of the lifeguard of my soul, Pulling me out of this self deprecating toll...
Phil Riles Jan 2018
Hormones raging...for what I'm told not to engage in, even if we're engaged, if it's not official than its still revealed as...fornication. There's a disturbing underestimation of the result given for this particular sinful demonstration, society has taught us that we test the car before we drive it, but the 1st issue with this analogy told is that we're comparing human sin to...driving a vehicle? But if we're going to establish analogies on this subject , then, well, why don’t we also consider these: do we begin eating Thanksgiving dinner before were done saying grace? Do they hand out diplomas and degrees for classes you haven't passed yet? Do they give Super Bowl trophies to teams expected to win? So how do we justify receiving the prize of an unmet process? Far too many have allowed marriage to become an afterthought or not even a passing idea our better judgment caught because man had rather receive a temporary pleasure that sin conceives birthed in disobedience, deceptive grip around your conscience until your choked by the demands of a lustful flesh that wants to be fed in continual expedience. Or...Maybe, I’m fighting this, fighting not to be twistedly envious and curious of a world that I’m forbidden to embrace.  Maybe I’m fighting...the temptation and frustration of being a single man patiently searching for that good thing and the favor my Father blesses along with her. Maybe I’m fighting...not to nosedive into the bottomless trap laid for human souls, lured in by lack, of self-control. It troubles me in just how simple... he brags and boasts then plots and plans his next victim in the desecration of his own Creator’s Temple. But It’s not all his fault, because it was up to her to give him the key to this priceless location better known as her body.
Phil Riles Sep 2017
I was told that when you point the finger at someone else, then 3 are pointing back at you. At first I thought this was a clever phrase used by an otherwise defensive person deflecting unwanted criticism from themselves, until the pride crushing wisdom behind this statement riddled my self perception with humbled point bullets one after one. Harsh realities never forewarned the ignorance I had in me, thinking the world was how Id imagine it be. But I realized the truth and revelation of my Father's Words goes ever deeper than the 1st time I've read or heard, without the full understanding or comprehending of what was told that holds a greater weight than an unregenerate soceity knows and even though there is much I do know, what I don't know, is so much more. So why am I trying so hard to be understood when the advantage is in those who understand? What I understand is that the desires of this temporary flesh wrapped around me has no regard for the condition of my eternal soul. What I understand is envy becomes a battle against my spirit man at times when I see a beautiful couple. I’d be lying if I said The sight still didn’t sometimes sting me with a painful reminder of what my feelings keep telling me I’m still missing.
Phil Riles Mar 2017
Flesh, blood and natural eyes, cover up a battle that wages on Inside of the shell for human lives, personalities corrupted by principalities, realities distorted, when the truth is unreported, Biblical translations got people debating authentication, proving to me just how much they underestimating, The Holy Ghost Awakening, placing us in the way of truth too many are forsaking..don't be found in that number, Lord awake men from slumbers
Phil Riles Mar 2017
Revive backslidden hearts back to your righteous ways. Wake up those in lukewarm slumbers. Remove fear and resentment of rejection from us. Help us to Love people who look, behave, smell and talk differently than we do. HELP US TO SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE LORD. THE SMALLER ONE HAS HELD OUR ATTENTION LONG ENOUGH!
Phil Riles Feb 2017
A disciple cannot be antisocial. Or introverted. How can we when our command is to reach out to those who for so long we've tried to avoid? Tried to protect unexposed insecurities instead of overcoming them. How do I get ME out of the way so I can see you? And every thing your going through. Your soul is more important than my feelings, and as I die out, I must first take the 'I' out.
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