I am learning in advance
How to grieve you when you go
Trying desperately to rember snapshots
Like standing in our apartment on a lazy, rainy Thursday in November  
Letting the natural light illuminate my favorite features on your face
And you
Making a slurping noise for me while I sip my coffee
Almost making me spit it out laughing
As you always do
I know I need to hold onto this
So when you go
I’ll remember what to miss
I could never explain to you in person
Why I can’t allow you to undress me
Or lay your eyes on me too much
Even in your loving arms
And touch
And gentle kiss
I still feel afraid of the wolf in every man
Still afraid of you having snapshots of me
Even when I’m gone
I don’t want you holding onto memories of me
Like I will hold onto you

Sorry, I am just your friend
Nothing more, nothing bad
Smile please, don't to be sad!

I always believe a friend is who
touches my feelings and does
everything for my goodness.

A real friend never goes far away
when another friend is in trouble
and stays side by side day by day.

A best friend who still loves me
and knows all about my secrets
who sad in my sadness, will be

A good friend doesn't ever laugh
when I am wrong or upset and
helps when I'm not good enough

A friend likes a mirror which
says truth about me, as mine
You're my best friend, it's fine.

My friend
I owe you for your help

They throw the sand
And nothing more tomorrow
They never age, just
Crystal and dark lines
A blossom round the ankle
To protect the virtue cure
Fallen, wilted
All that was burned
A year in wisdom, shaken down
A year of silence, full of sound
Walk again into the water
Call a city, can't be seen
Artists of elaboration
They never cry, only
Ice and shattered time
A ship of a feather, to sail the seas
Dropped by a miserable being
Never again returned to the sky
They'll fall instead

Who are you? Are you an angel?

No sleep in restful falls of damp hair
Scrambled noises from beneath
The automated animal groans
Emerging from the city streets
Colorized with the palette by
Modernist lords of cobalt hues
Contemporary tunes
From the woman next door
The high risen wind floats in
That chilling and ominous breeze
A skyscraper window left open
Horrified shrieks from below.


Your arms are wrapped around my neck
containing me, choking me,
holding me in place
so you can kill me faster. You push
yourself against me in the hopes
of me returning the gesture
but instead, you're crushing
the air from me and now I'm deflated.
You touch me
but there's no more to you than skin.
You don't want me,
nobody does.
So don't touch me with those hands of yours
and pretend like you do.

~~ If hugs were bad you'd be poison. ~~

Isolation is not eternal
And certainly not is love-
Both presence of, and lack of, love
Will fade eventually- it's a matter of time
Loneliness is not without words.
But, maybe you do not need romance-
The gods have already built you complete
And you may laugh at these lost souls
Still wandering in damnation
In search of their other half.
Or perhaps you conjecture-
That you found yours but it was
Not to be, and now it is a broken memory
But fret not- for that was a lesson
Rather, on how not to love
And wiser still you may find joy.
But say you have, and all is right
Rarely does the world leave it be
And, complete, you will be broken-
Perhaps, those who will never find love
Are better off forever alone.

It is perfectly fine to be single and a virgin. Don't let society determine your worth by how far you were able to seduce someone. That's ridiculous. Love the fact that you are single and alive and need no one.

She sat on the bridge
as an unnatural bird
might perch above a river
writing silent music
and laughed
and looked me in the eye
and suddenly the sand storms
whirling about in our minds
settled with our gaze

She was familiar with
the terrain of my emotions
and showed me that map
of my heart drawn in the stars
and smiled
as she stroked my hair
and showed me what love is
if such a poetry existed
it did when our eyes met

She immediately knew
what I was dreaming
or why sleep is faith
if she felt our unity
and asked
the tightrope question
with curious apathy
but she pulled me close
and our lips converged

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