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P F Rutledge Jun 2016
Dead inside.
The eyes have gone dull.
The touch has gone cold.
The water of the sea streams down the face.
The wailing grows louder, yet no one hears.

Dead inside.
The flame has gone out.
The light has been vanquished.
The music within the soul is now silent.
The joyful dance of the smile is still.

Dead inside.
Only the shadow keeps company.
It presses down.
Have not the strength to lift it anymore.
Muscles fail from weakness.

Dead inside.
P F Rutledge May 2016
Sometimes you just have to deal
With things as they happen,
No matter how terrifying.
Despite the constant fear.
Facing the horror and resisting the fate.
Nightmares come even when awake.
Sleep is reality and reality is fake.
So put up a finger and say "F" it all.
Laugh at all those who look appalled
Brush your shoulders off.
Rub dirt into the wound.
Nothing can hurt you unless you allow it to.
Face your demon and kick its ***.
Send it back from which it came.
Shout to the world that you will never be tame.
Deal with what happens with a strong will.
Bow to no one and bend for naught.
Because when the end comes at least you can say you fought.
Everyone has a time in their lives when they can choose to stop or keep going. Hopefully this will help them decide to keep fighting and keep moving forward. You are never alone, just keep your chin up, because we are here for you.
P F Rutledge Dec 2014
You were here and now you're gone.
Like the beginning of a sorrowful song.
The tears stream down my face like rain.
It's just too much to bare this pain.

For so long you stayed, through thick and thin.
You had my heart in the palm of your hand.
You had a grasp on my very soul.
Out of nowhere, everything you stole.

I dragged myself up, on both feet I now stand.
I face the world with new command.
My scars shine bright as a memory of that mess.
The pain is now only fleeting at best.

The shadow of you still passes by me.
A haunting ghost refusing to leave me be.
I clench my fist and just keep walking.
With a strong voice, louder I sing.

My song will carry for miles around.
Oh so beautiful will be that sound.
As I sing of this most difficult climb.
Of how there you were, once upon a time.
P F Rutledge Nov 2014
Dream of the stars.
Dream of the gods.
Dream so your heart,
May come to odds.

Dream of the sea.
Dream of the sky.
Dream so there,
You may fly.

Let your dreams be filled,
With peace and love.
Let your dreams be filled,
With that from above.

May you dream of butterflies,
Flying on by.
May you dream of wings,
That take you high.

May you dream of flowers,
In the wind.
May you dream of sunny days,
On which you can swim.

Dream a sweet dream.
One above all.
Dream a sweet dream.
Into which you can fall.

Sweet Dreams
P F Rutledge Nov 2014
The sun beating down
Makes the sweat pour like rain.
The snow on the ground
Makes the skin freeze to ice.

You are there.
I am here.

We talk and chat across the land.
Yet all I want is to hold your hand.
To hold you close to my heart.
So nothing will again set us apart.

One day I'll come home in serenity.
Just to hold you for all of eternity.

But then there may come a day
Where I can't make it back your way.
I want you to try and move on
Knowing I'm forever yours alone.

Before a mission, I write this now.
When I'm done I say ado with a bow.
I grab my weapon and begin to walk.
Hoping above all that again we'll talk.

Until next comes that time
I'll say goodbye, speechless like a mime.
P F Rutledge Nov 2014
I'm walking through the trees of an old wood.
A stick snaps behind me and I freeze.
Slowly I turn to see what is there.
Standing tall and proud is a great stag.
The stag runs at me as I turn to run.
I trip on a branch and fall.
As I stand to face the stag, it runs at me.
It runs into me and disappears into my body.
I realize the stag is me.
I was running from myself.
But no more will I run.
I'm ready to face my demons.
P F Rutledge Nov 2014
You hear a voice
But no one is there.

You feel a chill
But it's not from the air.

You are told it's nothing
But you cannot stop thinking about it.

You try as hard as you can
But finally you have to admit.

It's just whispers in the wind.
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